Short term ESC program in a small community of Evia Island (Greece)

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Free and Real โ€“OPEN CALL! Our short term ESC program is finally set and we are officially opening the application process! We are looking for 15 volunteers from 15 different EU countries (please no countries that need a visa to travel to Greece). Age: 19 to 30 years old

Free and Real โ€“ a 10 years Anniversary Celebration

Free and Real โ€“ A 10 Years Anniversary Celebration, is a 2 month (short term) European Solidarity Corps placement, part of the Erasmus plus program, that will take place at FreeandReal in Evia Island, Greece.

The main focus of the specific program will be eco-building, sustainable development, permaculture, and the further establishment of infrastructure for the Telaithrion Project โ€“ School of Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency. During September we will also organize a celebration for our 10th year of action in Evia Island!

We will bring together 15 young people from 19 to 30 years old from 15 countries!

More information

Free and Real enables young people (19 to 30 years old) from Greece, to participate in EVS (2 to 12 months) long-term volunteer programs in all European countries and also to young people from Europe and the partner countries to come to Greece and Free and Real.

The volunteers’ activities are many:
  • manual work,
  • artistic or cultural programs,
  • inter-cultural activities
  • social inclusion
  • eradication of racism and social exclusion,
  • assistance for the disabled or the elderly,
  • participation in the operation and management of youth centers in deprived areas and districts,
  • recreational activities and counseling services for the unemployed or people with social difficulties,
  • creative from child-employment,
  • participation in fighting environmental pollution projects,
  • landscape beautification,
  • creation of public gardens etc.


If you are a resident or originated from any EU Country and want to join, please follow this link
and the detailed instructions on the bottom of the page, sending us the โ€œFree and Real โ€“ Questionnaireโ€ ASAP.

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