Volunteer at a horse rescue and animal centre in Tenerife, Canary Islands

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Animal centre in Tenerife – Message from the host: Hi everyone, thanks for the add, this is our first post here, normally we have used our website, but we have a new “opening” and it’s actually not usual for us, we usually look for helpers with building and the animals, which we will need again within a few weeks, we always have space for handymen and people with building experience.

But we have more “urgent” space for these roles…

The exchange description

We have 1, 2 or 3 live-in volunteer positions available. (can combine jobs and then we free space for more)

Update 29 06 2020

We get asked regularly if we can take more people to work in exchange for food and accommodation, currently, we have 16, and sadly can not accept everyone as we don’t have space, however, there are some “job roles” that we really need help with, so we reserve space for these…


Current positions we need to fill: SEO & wordpress

It’s a bit different than usual.

We need help with the social media, admin, SEO, website, marketing, fundraising side of things. So we are looking for someone who has experience with these things, must have experience with, WordPress, Yoast, Google, and Instagram. Please note it is not to build a website, we have it already, we just need help with the SEO, google analytics and this side of it. As we have NO IDEA what we are doing, I have learnt the basics along the way, but it takes me so much longer than someone with computer savvy and it takes my time away from the horses who need me.

Must be of a good level of English to do this role, Spanish or German would be a huge bonus but not essential at all. We have plenty of translators living here already.


Admin Roles

The other role is we need someone native or fluent Spanish and English to help with admin roles, this would be answering emails, speaking to visitors, making phone calls and dealing with odd paperwork things. So must be over 25 with a drivers license. This won’t take up much time, so can combine with other roles. Such as driving and collecting food donations or helping me to improve my Spanish, social media, or riding horses if experienced with horses.

This can be a long term role for the right person if someone is looking to start a new life and become part of the team and help us grow. Working part-time for us in exchange for food and accommodation around a part-time job elsewhere if needed.


As always we are open to hearing peoples ideas to grow our team and sanctuary.

The most important thing is… must love all animals and be passionate about the project.

Living here the volunteer…

…must be happy to live among a community with shared bathrooms and kitchen. Accommodation is all different, so must be easy as where to sleep. We have a caravan, wooden huts, stone houses and caves. So depends what is available at the time.

Some of our team have been here over a year and have made there own “houses” from caves and materials we have.

We are a great team and are very handy so we work together and make anything possible. The location is very near La Jaca, so it is very peaceful with walking distance to the beach and quiet village, also a great location for climbing, walking and snorkelling. The Finca is in a beautiful setting, great views, great vibe and great team but please remember we are still building so it is not luxury quite yet 😛

If you are a handyman with any building skills, get in touch also, as we are always in need of builders to learn from and help us build…


For more information send me a pm or WhatsApp 672350505

Or visit the website:


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tenerifehorserescue/

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