Nature community summercamp 2020 – ESC program in Germany last placements

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Nature Community eco-village -Introducing a Fully funded ESC Volunteer Program at Nature Community Summercamp. Date: 29th of June 2, August 2020 in Schonsee/Germany. The topic is Sustainability, personal development and group processes. Length of the project: 2 vibrant months with 20 international volunteers

Note update:

We are now looking for people from Germany, Czech Republic and Finland. ย It would be nice to have some lovely people that know how to be in love and connections with mother earth and build a wonderful future together.


extended as we still have 5 spots available.

More information

We invite you to live, learn, and work with us at the Nature Community during the summer months in the beautiful countryside in the south of Germany by the Czech border.

What will you do?

As a volunteer, you will get deep insights into our community, professional guidance (training and deep experiences in group process design and community building). We invite you to actively participate in our open community life and there is a special social & cultural program for the team volunteers.

Main activity areas will be…
  • nature, circle. ecovillage, germany, intentional community,Renovations (specifically renovating our museum into a sleeping space).
  • Helping to prepare and host smaller events
  • Working in the green areas and gardening,
  • Cooking vegan food for big groups,
  • Building compost toilets, outdoor showers and kitchens.
Food and accommodation

The Ecovillage that will host the volunteers is called Nature Community. Our mission focuses on sustainable living and social development. We strive to support this mission by hosting different kinds of events (dance, yoga, music, meditation and personal development).

Living conditions will be simple with the focus on low ecological footprint. You may expect shared housing and common facilities and natural rural environment.

Who can apply? ESC Requirements
  • Young people in the age range of 18-30, regardless of whether you have participated in an EVS or ESC project before.
  • The countries we collaborate within this project are: Russia, Turkey, Holland, Finland, Greece and Czech Republic


Apply via email by 2nd of June:
Ecovillage website:

nature, ecovillage, circle, sociocracy, germany, intentional community

This announcement was left byย Irina Andreea Dihori in our FB group.

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