Volunteer in an organic farm in Poland

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Hey, we are looking for volunteers to help at our farm! We Are living in Poland near the German border about 100 kilometres away from Berlin. We are living more or less organic and try to produce our own food we have Garden animals small field. I have also old tractor and machines and I often repair mechanic stuff around my place for me and for people so I can teach you how to make food smoking meat sausage jars with meat or pastet so all ways for preserving meat vegetable and fruits. I can teach how to repair your motorbike old car build something craft etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

About two kilometres from my place we have a small Lake where we can swim and around we have a lot of forests there’s a lot of animals mushrooms and Forest fruits like berries.


Place for sleeping the old camping trailer, we have an old-style outside toilet it is definitely not a five Stars hotel. I think it’s not so bad.

Location: Lubogoszcz, Zielona Gรณra, Poland.


See more photos of the place: Google wwoof photo

This announcement was left byย Kamil Krรณlak on our FB group.

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Author: Voluntouring staff

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1 thought on “Volunteer in an organic farm in Poland

  1. I am looking forward to helping you and support your farm.
    I would like to learn about plants and animals too. I currently have a workshop and I repair cars for a living.

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