Greenwashing – How to not be fooled

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The more eco-friendly lifestyle gets popular, the more consumers fall into the trap of Greenwashing, which is a form of marketing that misleads customers, creates the appearance of an environmentally friendly product or service in order to increase sales.

Greenwashing – Here are some steps to avoid this problem:
  • 1. Look at the packaging. Look out for pictures derived from nature, leaves, and animals, for example, colours that invoke assumptions of natural contents i.e. green or brown♻️
  • 2. Read the actual ingredients list. Apply the rule, the fewer ingredients the better
  • 3. Download an app that will enable you to scan a product and get information about the ingredients! “Think Dirty” is a good one, with over 200,000 products listed✅

By arming yourself with this knowledge and these simple tips you should be well on your way to spotting a green imposter.

Don’t let to fool yourself!

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