How can I reduce the time I spend in front of my computer / mobile phone screen?

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How to reduce the time in front of smartphones and PCs – Nowadays, the smartphone is something essential for everyone. Every day we spend a lot of time in front of social networks. We play online. We watch interesting YouTube videos. We do research and spend a large number of hours chatting with friends. All this time, unfortunately, takes away space for personal growth, physical activities, studying and reading books that help us keep our minds trained and open.

To avoid all this, perhaps it is not necessary to deprive yourself on the internet. Rather, you can learn to use these technologies better.

To reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the screen, try some of the tips below:

1.Spend more time with your family

Find a particular space and time to gather with your family to discuss any topics, playing table games, or share common interests and projects. It can help you achieve a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

2. Set a time limit

Many computers and cell phones have very useful programs and functionalities that help you set a “time limit”. Read an example here. Experts recommend spending 1 hour/2 hour a day on social networks.

3. Do not use the phone when you are in bed.

We recommend avoiding the use of electronic devices, cell phones, tablets and computers when you are in bed. In particular, one must avoid looking at the stories and photos of other people. Very much like good biscuits or delicious crisps, one-story attracts another until time passes without us even noticing. The photos and videos that we see on social media are created specifically to intrigue readers and push them to click on them: they are real traps! Very often these videos are useful and interesting, at other times, however, they are “empty” information. In addition, even if all the videos and articles you read are informative there is a limit to all that your brain will remember! It is much better to concentrate on one book and one topic only, rather than accumulating information on various topics and then not remembering one.

4. See your friends more often

It seems that we go out less and less with friends. It might be a good thing to organize meetings or regular appointments. For example, once a week you can meet your friends to watch films together or organize walks in the woods, or bike rides, or dinners with sharing and exchange of recipes and dishes.

5. Do not recharge the phone next to the bed.

If the smartphone, or the laptop, is near the bed we may be tempted to use it: better avoid!

6. Do something interesting

Try reading an interesting book, painting, making objects by hand, playing a musical instrument or cooking.


Rather than send messages or chat, consider calling your friends/colleagues.

8. Forget Google

If possible, get information and knowledge directly from books.

9. Take time for your daily workout.

Try jogging for 20-30 minutes at least three times a week. Or take a few evening meditative walks or take a bicycle often to do all the small errands, of course whenever you can. These are tricks and tips, really small and naive, but that we could really be useful and change a little life reducing stress from modern technology.

Thanks for reading!

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