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Facebook groups for volunteers – You have only two weeks of vacation and you would like to spend them by volunteering in a nice place. Perhaps an organic farm, where you can spend some time in a nice countryside area, helping the local farmers in the morning, enjoying their delicious organic food, and just relax in the evening in front of a glass of tasty wine while the sun’s setting. Perhaps you’d prefer to go somewhere less rural and remote: in this case, you could choose the opportunity to work on a city hostel as a volunteer, in exchange for full hospitality (free food and accommodation).

You only have two weeks of time so you’d rather avoid paying for a full membership subscription to access the projects list of the most famous volunteering platforms. These subscriptions could be quite expensive as they go from 25$/euros to 50 $/euros per year.

You can, of course, count on our database especially in this page you can find opportunities to volunteer for free (food and accommodation covered). However, if you can’t find anything interesting here, you can still rely on social media groups and forums.

As a matter of fact, there are many social media groups, especially on Facebook, where you can find plenty of volunteering opportunities all around the world, and without having to pay.

Facebook groups for volunteers

In the following Facebook groups, you can find hosts and organizations that are actively looking for volunteers and you can also read their announcement:

  • – A group to find FREE volunteering projects without having to pay any fees. As of today, it counts more than 10.000 members. Moderation is pretty active but there are strict rules for posting a message. ACTIVE!
  • – A group of GENERAL volunteering opportunities around the world. You can find free opportunities too. However, if you decide to volunteer in developing countries, there’s a high probability that the volunteer project won’t be free. The group counts more than 30.000 members. Moderation is pretty active but there are strict rules for posting a message. ACTIVE!
  • – In this group, you can find plenty of volunteering opportunities. There are more than 30,000 members, the moderation is really good but there are strict rules for the publishers. ACTIVE!
  • – Helpx-WWOOF-Work a way-Backpackers-Couch Surfer’s” – There are only 1000 members subscribed. The group seems quite neglected, but it’s worthy to try. There are no rules.
  • – “Volunteering Woofing Workaway HelpX” In this group there are about 17.000 members. There are no strict rules and you can freely post your announcements.

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