ESC European solidarity Corps – 6 open vacancies in Latvia

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Open call for volunteer vacancies in Latvia, Rūjiena starting from 1st September for 12 months.

Esc in Latvia – Project “Darām Rūjienai” is looking for volunteers from 1st September 2020.

ESC European solidarity corps 6 Open vacancies in Latvia:
  1. A youth worker in a youth centre
  2. Rujiena secondary school volunteer
  3. Rujiena senior house volunteer
  4. Media centre “Ligzda” volunteer
  5. Rujiena city library work
  6. Volunteer in care centre “Lode” with seniors

  1. Youth worker in youth center

Volunteers will work with young’s from Rujiena in Youth center. Every day we have 15- 20 young boys and girls who are coming to the center to spend there free time after school or between activities. Also, we have young’s with social problems, but till now we have organized lot of activities to involve youngs as volunteers or organizers. Volunteers will work in team – 2 volunteers and youth center leader. Working hours – 13:00-19.00. In summer we will organize camps. What we are
looking for: Volunteers who can be youth leaders, who can lead non-formal learning activities. If they have already some knowledge in youth work it would be great. Volunteers with knowledge about languages, music, sport or outside activities are welcome to be part of our project.

If you are interested in this project read the entire document here.

2.Rujiena secondary school volunteer

In Rujiena secondary school study 450 students from 1st – 12 grade, they are learning extra music education. The target of secondary school is to create a positive educational environment for students. Voluntary work in school will help students to find out more about other cultures, persons and possibilities. School provides different after school clubs – dancing, singing, theatre, green environment club, EU club, sport, basketball, volleyball etc. If you become a volunteer for our school you will be part of a support team for students, teachers and other specialists, as well you will be able to create your own activities.

If you are interested in this project read the entire document here.

3.Rujiena senior house volunteer

This project is needed to involve youngsters to be active in social activities and promote tolerance towards the elderly. Till now we have hosted youngsters from EVS program and it helps to develop volunteering process in Rujiena. By this project local population is more interested in social activities were EVS volunteers are involved. Also local young’s are more interested in local events if they are intercultural and it helps to develop a personality. Cooperation between different countries
helps not to follow the wrong stereotypes. Volunteers involved in the project will help seniors keep them active and communication between generations. The main aims of the project: -Creativity, culture and susceptibility. During the project, all-time creativity and susceptibility are used in activities for seniors.

If you are interested in this project read the entire document here.

4.Media center “Ligzda” volunteer

Volunteers will work as media specialists, photographer, video making, filming, posters and WEB radio journalist. Working hours – 8:00-17.30. In summer we will organize camps for kids and volunteers can teach the knowledge of what they have to make posters or radio. What we are looking for: Volunteers who can be work with social media, radio and photography. If they have already some knowledge of media work it would be great.

If you are interested in this project read the entire document here.

5.Rujiena city library work

Volunteers will work with kids from Rujiena in the local Library. Every day the library is open from 11.00 -18.00 where kids come after school to spend their free time and read books. The library is organizing some traditional events for local citizens and kids. Volunteers will work in a team – 1 volunteer for 12 months and one volunteer for 3 months on summertime. All work will be supported by other library workers. What we are looking for: Volunteers who like to play with kids in age till 13 years, who can lead non-formal learning activities, communicate in different languages including body language. If they have already some knowledge in work with kids it would be great. Volunteers with knowledge about languages, music, literature or outside activities are welcome to be part of our project.

If you are interested in this project read the entire document here.

6.Volunteer in care center “Lode” with seniors

No infopack provided yet. For more information about this project see contact details section at the end of this article. Contact the project organizers using the e-mail they provided below.


No drugs, no alcohol, respect of nature, respect of each other, to be on time. No smoking in School territory. Working hours from 9:00-17:00, weekends are free. Working hours can be changed according to activity plan.

Training and support:

You will have arrival training and mid-term training. Online platform will help you to learn also Latvian language for everyday communication. You will have a mentor who will help you in personal developing and learning process.


Voluntary work is based on the principles of non-formal education, all volunteers will get a YouthPass certificate after the project and describe knowledge what they have learned in project.


Living for EVS: Adress: Upes street 9/11, Rujiena, Latvia, LV-4240, Multifunctional youth initiative center, phone +371 25450585. Accommodation is located in 3rd floor. Keep safe keys from building outside door, youth centre door and private room. Outside door should always be locked. Room is for two persons. Kitchen, WC, shower, TV, laundry and living area is open for all hostel guests. Room is equipped with bed, table, chair, wardrobe, towel, sheets, blanket, and pillow.
Kitchen – stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishes, toaster. Laundry – washing machine.


every volunteer will have 150 EUR per month for food;

Pocket money:

every month 120 EUR (4 Eur/day);

Travel costs:

Every participant will have covered travel costs according to the distance calculator:

These are the covered travel costs depending on the travel distances

  • 10 to 99km: 20 EUR
  • 100 to 499km: 180 EUR
  • 500 to 1999km: 275 EUR
  • 2000 to 2999km: 360 EUR
  • 3000 to 3999km: 530 EUR
  • 4000 to 7999km: 820 EUR

You can fly to Riga, from Riga it is 3-4 hours by bus to Rujiena.


Send your CV and motivation letter to email

Visit the official page:

For further questions/suggestions, contact:
Mobile Phone: +371 25450585

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