The Baltic Sea region will be cleaned during a game

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Join the initiative of the Clean Games Baltic Cup

The Baltic Sea region will be cleaned during a game – On the 19th of September, people from all over the Baltic Sea region will compete in waste collecting and sorting. They will clean green and coastal areas in one hour during the Environmental Games.

Clean Games Baltic Cup is a project, that aims to hold environmental education activities in the countries of the Baltic sea region. It is also an eco volunteer project born in 2014. The organizers run gamified clean-up competitions. Their methodology is being distributed for free. So far, they have held 853 events in 16 countries with 59 755 participants, collecting 152 471 bags with 1207 tons of litter.

How does it work?

Using the mobile application the organizers will mark the littered areas in their cities. And the participants will follow the map to find garbage to collect. Volunteers will receive the garbage from them and enrol the game points to them. An online scoreboard will be available in the app and on the website. Participants will compete with each other within the city and the whole tournament.

The Clean Games Baltic Cup is an annual international environmental tournament that takes place in Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine.

To take part in the game, subscribe to the relative official page:

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The Clean Games Baltic Cup is looking for partners and volunteers too!

The international non-profit organisation “Clean Games” runs ecological tournaments in the Baltic countries every year. The organizers are looking for volunteers in the Baltic countries who will organize events within the Baltic Cup. They are also looking for partners to attract as many potential organizers as possible.
An organizer is an active person who can gather up to 30 people and coordinate them in order to host a game using our methodology which is being distributed for free.
If you’re interested in organizing an ecological competition in your city or know people who might be, you can fill-up the form at

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