Win a scholarship with ‘Jump in Freedom’ [for women]

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JIF scholarship is aimed to support women with fewer resources to have equal educational opportunities around the world ๐Ÿ“ท
We provide a cushion of support and knowledge, allowing the selected participant to have a full month of digital scholarship learning about:

  1. Mobility programs abroad
  2. The application process for international projects
  3. European policies and funds for organizations

  • Aimed at: young people with economical obstacles
  • Interested in: career development, European policies, and youth mobility
  • Eligibility: females from any country and any nationality
What does the scholarship include?
  • A digital 1-month education program.

You will learn through sessions and access to our resources at no cost.ย Flexibility to learn at your own pace.

About the organization

We are a registered Erasmus+ organization with ID E10255102.ย JIF is supporting women making a big jump going abroad mainly in Europe.ย  Here you will find a like-minded community, in-person & online events, and mentoring programs to help you find volunteering, traineeship, or job position abroad. We support one another, share our experiences, seek advice and find opportunities. Jump into Freedom was born out of the experience of living abroad. Our main purpose is to inform about the variety of youth mobility programs and teach the soft skills needed to apply and be selected for new opportunities.

We believe that there are valuable projects to go abroad but it can be overwhelming to research and find the perfect position for you without assistance as well as knowing legitimate options. We help women, a collective that not that long ago -less than 50 years- was not allowed to travel without permission, to feel supported and safe while doing so.




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