Volunteer at a ranch in Switzerland

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Kimosabe Ranch in Switzerland

Ranch volunteer projectAll meals and own Room offered. Help needed in the House, around the House and with the Kids and Horses. You can learn here about horse Training and western riding. It s a nice Area for hike and bicycle Trips. Please contact me so I can answer all of your questions. Sarah

See contact details below

General Information – who am I?

… a passionated Horsewoman, since I was a little girl, always focused on a good fellowship with a heart for the wild and special ones. How strong I m minded I have to prove several times, and always when I was sad animals, especially horses gave me the needed grip, to get up and go on. So many times they were my mirror and my challenge. I learned to

  • read their way to communicate,
  • connect with my mind and my thoughts,
  • take a closer look and
  • be patient

and most they show me a world without judging and lies, that there is also a life if you just be. Life is much more free and peaceful than what most human thinks life has to be. Horses inspired me on so many ways, I could make a long list.


The first ride I took in the circus before I could really walk and at the end, I wanted to stay at this pony. Years later I got my first riding lessons on Icelandic Ponies in classic riding, between I used every chance to get on a horse, to pet a horse or to get somehow near to a horse. After a few years, I changed the stable to one, in which I could trail ride and I liked it really much, after this my mom found a stable with westernridden horses. There I learned a lot about horse training, how to teach young horses new things and how to earn the trust of traumatized grown horses, who mostly was brought to an edge they got really dangerous. I learned how even the most shattered wrecks can turn to trust spirits of joy again, just because I get into consensus with them and build a connection based on respect and trust.

Those were the most surprising, outstanding and faithful kind of friends I obtained. With those skills and those of my in other experiences collected, I could help, over all these years, several horses and also people, because humans also kind of work the same way like horses. Somehow even the most disappointed and grumpiest feel me and my offerings and start to enter into dialogue with me and draw new hope and faith. [Read more on my FB page… see contact details down below].

I am happy to share my knowledge with all who are interested in open their mind to become a new view to their world, full of awareness with an empathic sense for horses, nature and what surrounds us. To walk the inspiring path of encouragement and verity.

Sarah Jane Bürge


This announcement was left in our FB group by Sarah J. 

More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/kimosabeRanch

E-mail: missy_sjb@hotmail.com


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