COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

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Updated Feb 2021

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines โ€“ the pandemic is unfortunately still present, forcing governments to close borders, lockdown entire areas and prescribe other restrictions. However,ย  this situation won’t last forever! It will be over soon enough! โ˜บ๏ธ As a matter of fact, vaccines are already available, allowing the possibility for countries to reopen their borders and let the people travel freely again. So, let’s not worry and let’s get ready to live new experiences and cultural exchanges!

COVID-19 info box & disclaimer

While the emergency is still on, please follow local guidelines about physical distancing and staying home during COVID-19. The global outbreak of COVID-19 has brought unexpected circumstances. As an international web project, we too must adapt to this new situation and measures, that may change at any time. Therefore we created this infobox, where we will regularly update information about the COVID-19 situation and how it affects the volunteering community and the projects featured in the database.

We are following the development of the worldwide pandemic and even though we decided to put a limit to the promotion of most of the volunteer program/activities we are optimistic that the borders and the activities will re-open soon enough. In the meanwhile, you can feel free to contact/book/apply for any of the opportunities you see listed on this website.ย ย Despite the optimism for 2021, we ask all interested volunteers to keep up to date with the current situation and travel conditions worldwide.

The organisations & hosts listed on the Voluntouring website are looking forward to receiving your applications and will be happy to answer your questions about their volunteer programs and the safety measures they are taking to limit the spread of the virus and be safe.

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Volunteering duringย  COVID-19

Please follow local guidelines about physical distancing and staying home during COVID-19. Always follow the Local Health Guidelines. If you are volunteering in Europe, we suggest following the guidelines from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control – ECDC.

If you’re planning to meet up, host, or be hosted, check the local laws and the directives that may be in place during the time you are considering to travel & volunteer.

Consider waiting for the COVID-19 emergency situation to be over before travelling again.

Updates November 2020

This page will be updated as we will gather more information about COVID-19 in Europe and around the world. For statistical analysis of the situation around the world, please check:

Also read:

COVID-19 message to the community of volunteers and host.

Author: Voluntouring staff

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