Volunteer at an organic farm and spiritual community in Portugal

Organic farm volunteering, mama adama

Volunteer at Mama Adama an organic farm and spiritual community in Portugal. “A peaceful farm between mountains where you can slow down and find your connection to life. we organize a few times a year variety of retreats to create a better and more friendly network with each other. We as friends can gather together to learn how to exchange our experience and profession voluntarily.ย  We want to learn that creating is not always about money but we can reach so much more by sharing our skills on a voluntary basis. In the near future, we will work together with kids and adults that have Down Syndrome and other special needs and save animals’ lives from the meat industry.”


Our vision is to unfold new human consciousness and to create a positive and sustainable future, through our spiritual community, ecovillage and international centre for holistic learning: Mama Adama, where we offer a creative home to people from all over the world.

The community has no formal doctrine or creed and practises the timeless and essential values common to all the worldโ€™s major religious paths.

Would you like to work on a beautiful peaceful organic farm?

Come join us to work in

  • the garden
  • and the fields,
  • in the kitchen and
  • feeding the horses, chickens, cats and rabbits.


Free Food & Accommodation

We provide you with enough freedom to explore the land, a comfortable bed in the dorm, and 3 vegetarian meals a day.

A great experience! Come and join in Mama-Adama. With Love.


Mosqueiroes, 7570-336 Grรขndola, Portugal

Organic farm volunteering, mama adama


email: info@mama-adama.org

visit the website: http://www.mama-adama.org

Facebook page:ย https://www.facebook.com/mamaadamaorg

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