Volunteer needed in Louisiana USA in exchange for 15/20 hours a week

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Volunteer exchange in the USA
volunteer exchange in the usa, opportunities, projects abroad, food and accommodationMy family and I would like to host a handy/DIYer individual or couple, in our Covington, Louisiana (USA) home, in exchange for 15 to 20 hours of work a week, helping make some home repairs and yardwork. The gig will last at least a month but could turn into a long-term arrangement for the right individual/individuals. This is being done in order to start a local free pantry and community garden on our property. I run a local mutual-aid page group, where people are free to ask for items or other help they may need, but can’t afford, and others frequently offer up items that group members could use. This is all done for free. I want to expand upon the group I created and reach even more people in need of help.
More about this opportunity
The offer of being extended includes a furnished room, shared bathroom, most meals and wifi, in exchange for help with yard and house remodelling, as well as helping occasionally provide and prepare meals. Prospective volunteers/tenants must pass a background check and sign a contract with details of the length of stay and stipulations that must be met, in order to continue staying here. Terms are subject to change based on things to be later determined. jointly, tenant and homeowner.

About us
We are an all-accepting family of five, but only two adults and a child live in our 3bd/2bth home. Ours is a clean, but animal-loving home. Sorry to those of you allergic or afraid of them. We are not religious but we’re spiritual, hard-working, mostly easy-going and genuine people.
The Pandemic has greatly diminished our income, but I’m not ready to give up on my dreams of starting the projects I mentioned above. We’re really good people, just trying to make the best out of a crummy situation; hopefully, it’ll be a positive for us all. Please feel free to message me for more information and/or if you’d like to chat on the phone about the arrangement. Thanks in advance to anyone who considers the offer.
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Host Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/wendytl/

The Giving Tree of West St. Tammany: https://www.facebook.com/groups/936213256793771

Email:ย Wendy.lewis78@hotmail.com

volunteer exchange in the usa

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