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Spanish courses online

Learn Spanish online –  If you are about to leave for a period abroad, if you want to find a job in Spain or in a Spanish-speaking country, if you want to enrich your CV or if you are simply passionate about the Spanish language, maybe this post will be of help!

Here we list some useful websites to learn Spanish online for free.


Duolingo is a free website. It offers multi-level language courses, short lessons, voice recognition tools to test pronunciation as well as personalised review lessons for each user and for all needs. Amongst many language courses, you can attend a free course in Spanish.

Can you become fluent after completing an entire Duolingo course?

Apparently no, you can’t, but it’s indisputable that your vocabulary will improve immensely! You can definitely speed up your knowledge of a foreign language with DUOLINGO as it is, in our opinion, the current best free website to learn a language!

Find out more 👉 👉https://en.duolingo.com/course/es/en/Learn-Spanish

Profe De ELE

Profe de ELE is a website for learners and teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (Español Lengua Extranjera).

You will find many resources and activities to practice your Spanish: exercises, vocabulary, tests, songs, videos and even podcasts.


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See this website👉 👉 https://www.profedeele.es/


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Babbel, like Duolingo, is one of the most famous apps for teaching foreign languages, including Spanish. It has many features similar to Duolingo and it’s in many ways is main “competitor”. Both of them are very good tools to improve your Spanish or any other language you’d like to learn.

See this website👉 👉 : https://uk.babbel.com/


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Watch a Spanish TV series: Extra (en español)

What better way to learn Spanish than by watching videos, films and TV series in the original language?


This is the first episode. This TV series is specially designed for those who are learning Spanish online.

 👉See all of the episodes👈


Another completely free video course on youtube. Cata, a very friendly Spanish teacher, explains grammar topics such as the verb ir, the forms of haber and how and when to use the tilde.

Perfect for beginners who still have some doubts!

 👉See ‘Practiquemos’ on Youtube👈

Conversation Exchange

Conversation Exchange is the perfect website to meet native speakers near you and arrange an appointment to practice your spoken language at no cost. The only condition? Help the other person to learn your language, it has to be a mutual exchange!

The best way to learn a language…

We think that travelling abroad is obviously the best way to learn to speak a language fluently. Why not consider the possibility to become a Voluntourist? Volunteer in Spain or in other Spanish speaking countries in exchange for food and accommodation, and immerse yourself in the local language and culture!

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Also, see “Podcasts and Youtube videos to improve your English

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  1. Hi! I have an Anthropololy degree and I can speak and write fluent English. I also speak French and Italian. I offer free Spanish lessons online.
    Soy licendiado en Antropología Cultural y poseo el posgrado de profesor como profesor de Español como Lengua Estranjera (ELE). Aunque nunca he ejercido como docente en el ámbito de la enseñanza de lenguas, tengo experiencia como formador en una empresa de seguros y conocimientos pedagógicos. Si tienen a bien disponer de mis servicios, cuyo objetivo es simplemente ocupar mi tiempo, no duden en contactar conmigo.

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