Sponsor a Child: Meet Sandra!

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Sandra was born in a remote village in the Eastern part of Uganda and currently resides with her single grandmother. Her father abandoned her mother after birth, and Sandra has no relationship with him. Her grandmother is now very old with no one to help her, which leaves Sandra to take care of her family.

Sandra loves school and performing arts. She has a dream of travelling the world through her performing arts talent, and also a dream of becoming a doctor, especially if given the opportunity to study. The best way for Sandra to escape the absolute poverty which has taken over her entire family, and to achieve her big dream, is through education.

Would you like to help?

Sandra is one of the many kids in Africa that Saint Ann Foundation is trying to help through donations and financial support. Your faithful sponsorship commitment will be of great help to support Sandraโ€™s education and will improve her community’s wellbeing.

Long-distance support will give you a lot too. You will receive letters and photographs of the child you are supporting at a distance and a very special bond will be formed between you.

Steps for sponsoring a child – how sponsorship works
1. Meet

Choose a boy or girl you want to sponsor.

2. Change a life

Your monthly contributions will give your sponsored child the chance to grow up safely with great health and education.

3. Combine

Your contributions will be combined with those of other sponsors so that all the children benefit.

4. Correspond

Correspond with your child through letters and pictures (Only if you want) receive regular updates and even arrange to visit if you like.

5. Smile

You`ve made the world a better place!!


For more information on how to sponsor Sandra and other kids in Uganda please contact the Saint Ann Foundation organization:





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