Volunteer in a eco-village in Portugal

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Volunteer at the Shangri-La project

A future intentional community in Portugal need volunteers – Hello out there! I am looking for some experienced gardener with a few years background, to take over the responsibility of the garden/vegetable production, you have to be able to work independently, plan a garden and succession of plants, understand watering and machines how to grow up plants and seedlings, compost care fruit trees care. Of course, especially in the beginning, I will be there to show you and introduce you. I need to take time off from the garden to focus on other projects here at the Shangri-la project = buildings and planning, building a chimney and a rocket stove massive heater. The position is for somebody that can stay here a few months, maybe longer.

Parallel, volunteers without the above-described experience are also welcome! Two positions are possible, parallel at the same time:

  1. The ” normal/usual ” volunteer position … AND…
  2.  an experienced gardener volunteer…as described below…
More about the project

I think this description I found is very good:
“Ecovillages are quarantine professionals and provide fulfilling environments and lifestyle solutions in times of the Covid crisis. Having as an objective to live in autonomous ways, closed-loop systems and to be responsible for their basic needs like water, food and shelter, the ecovillages have also been creating social and economic systems that permit individuals to have most of their other needs covered by the community.”

And also…

“We are at a profound crossroads, the forces that have been unleashed by our greed, our misunderstanding of what nature is and our endless economic idea that it can grow without any checks and balances has come to its end.”

Tero Mustonen.

So !….what do we do here …?

Shangri-La is a bio-dynamic/permaculture farm/garden started 1/3/16, we focus on self-sufficiency/sustainability, produce most of what we eat, grow a rich diversified variety of plants/fruits trees, see website for more details.

It is a working farm/garden with everyday physical work.

  • Taking care of the animals daily routine
  • Garden/vegetable work/ fruit tree care/ kompost
  • I have a big focus on creating/improving the fertility of the soil in different ways.

Also a passion to ferment food of all kinds: drinks, vegetable, bread, milk, cereals, miso, doenjang.

An intentional community in Portugal – you could join as a resident!

Shangri-la is and wants to be an intentional community/ecovillage for living a healthy lifestyle, free from EMF/microwaves radiations. We offer a holistic healthy environment and life FREE from unhealthy pollution from electromagnetic/EMF, wireless radiations (i.e. wifi/mobiles). We don’t have and do not allow WIFI so the CONNECTION is much better here…

There is a long term possibility to join as a resident.

It is also a place that offers BnB (rooms for rent) for short, or special agreements for long-term and a place where you can rent a space to camp or establish your mobile home, teepee, yurt, for a short or long term stay, maybe even grow your own garden and live self-sufficient. And/or a place maybe for a long term stay as a community member but this is of course a long project/story which will also involve from your side to invest in an economical share in order to be here.

After having attended a residential fermentation workshop by and with Sandor Katz, I am happy to pass on my experiences. Also from ” Bean to Bar ! ” now and then I transform raw cacao beans into delicious chocolate bars!

…roasting, grinding/refining, conching, tempering, moulding…

A big part of life here is about cultivating taking care and transforming, fermenting, drying the food we produce, there are chickens and a cachena cow and calf. We regularly bake our bread with our own sourdough starter with freshly ground cereals from our own mill, different fermented drinks and vegetable fermentations and experiment are always actual.

Other benefits
  • Daily green smoothies from the garden.
  • raw food is in the foreground, but not only.
  • Acoustic musical instruments are most welcome!
A few Conditions

NON-smokers only, no drugs, no alcohol, no pets, thanks


Can’t offer VISA nor travel costs. Similar requests might be ignored.


WEBSITE: http://www.stefannovellinoportugal.cybersite.nu/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/quintaorganicashangrila

Email: novestefan59@gmail.com

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