Volunteer at Barakaj Heritage ranch and farm in the U.S.A.

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horse program in the USAAn amazing volunteer horse program in the USA โ€“We are a chemical-free regenerative grazing and sustainable agriculture farm on fifty acres. At our farm, we believe in preserving the heritage livestock breeds and heirloom plants whenever possible. This farm is also the home of the Malabar Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Arabian Horse Preservation Program, as well as the Horse Heroes program for rescue horses. We have chickens, ducks, goats, horses, a livestock dog, and Yurtle the Turtle. We offer a variety of learning experiences such as short and long term volunteer positions, apprenticeships and even profit sharing and working business partnerships.


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How many hours of volunteering help will you expect per week?

about 20-25 hours

We offer the opportunity to learn about:
  • natural horse care and conscious horsemanship (free will) training
  • goat care
  • poultry care
  • permaculture & regenerative grazing
  • alternative therapies and wellness
  • agritourism & farm stays
  • heritage rare breed preservation
  • holistic farming techniques
  • sustainable profitable farm-related small business development

At Barakah Heritage Farm, you can:
  • Work in exchange for short-term housing in our campsites
  • Work in exchange for education or time with the animals
  • Learn hands-on about all aspects of our farm
  • Take advantage of profit sharing or partnership opportunities
  • Start your own small farm-related business

horse program in the USA

We are looking for volunteers and partners who:
  1. are motivated and honest
  2. have a generally positive attitude
  3. pay attention to detail
  4. committed to finishing what they start
  5. are respectful to others views
  6. are willing to learn, and share what they know
We offer:
  • training
  • housing
  • seasonal produce and eggs
  • wifi
  • small business and social media coaching
Off-farm income opportunities:

We only ask our volunteers and profit-sharers to work partial days, so there is plenty of time left for side jobs. Since we are 40 minutes from I80, the major highway corridor to New York City. There are numerous industries in the area that are considered essential and still operating and hiring, even during covid shutdowns.

Online work is an option, within the limitations of WiFi and mobile internet service. Ask us about what we currently do online, and about new opportunities.

Local recreation/activities:
  • Near Ricketts Glen waterfalls, Worlds End State Park and Frances Slocum and numerous state parks and game lands
  • Nearby hunting (no hunting on the property), skiing, snowmobiling etc
  • Incredibly scenic area
  • Fishing/boating pond on site
  • 2 miles of hiking/mountain biking trails on site
  • Only 4 hours from New York City, 5 from Washington DC, 3 from Philadelphia and Lancaster, 2 hours from Hershey
  • Near Knoebelโ€™s Resort, Americaโ€™s largest free-admission amusement park.
Horse program in the USA – How to get here:

The closest airport is Wilkes-Barre 45 minutes away, which serves several major airlines
No public local transportation. 4WD or AWD is necessary in winter.

Possible Housing:
  • camp with an outdoor hot shower and portable toilet
  • bring your own camper or tent
  • stay in the Glamping Loft during off-peak/unscheduled times
  • CURRENTLY TAKEN 240 square foot rustic semi-furnished efficiency space with electricity, toilet and sleeping loft attached to the barn.
  • CURRENTLY TAKEN 24-foot tow-behind trailer that needs to be renovated (plan on camping during this process, it is not currently liveable)

yurt, horse program in the USA

  • Seasonal produce and eggs.
  • Transportation:
  • Negotiable.
  • WiFi/phone: Available. Typical speed 2 MBPS.
Additional perks & tidbits:
  • We can also offer you gardening space or space for your own farm endeavours.
  • Bring your horse(s).
  • Cats welcome (However, you will need to figure out a pen for their safety), dogs negotiable (we have a working livestock guardian dog on-site, doesnโ€™t play well with others).
VISA – For applicants from outside the USA:

You must EITHER have a VISA and be in the USA already OR have a VISA and the ability to travel to the USA without our assistance.

More information

More details and links to reserve your volunteer tour or stay are on our website (see contact details ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ“ง section below).



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We hope to see you at our farm!


Farm & Horse program in the USA – Steps to apply โ— โœ๏ธ
  • 1. Message us to introduce yourself and let us know about your plans and goalsย 
  • 2. schedule Skype or WhatsApp meeting
  • 3. live meeting plus farm tour to discuss details and make final decision
Website and social media

Website๐Ÿ‘‰ https://barakah.farm




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  1. Hi there

    Juan here from Colombia, looking forward to know more about this volunteering. But before I introduce my self more and my interests, I would like to know if I am writing to the right email or website.
    Is there an email I can write to you?

    thank you

    Juan Baquro

    1. Hi guys ๐Ÿ˜Š
      This is the comment section of the host announcement. The hosts might not (be able to) read this section. To get in touch with the host/hosts, please use the contacts they left for you to use, in the relative โ€œContact Details sectionโ€ at the end of the same announcement.๐Ÿ‘†
      Thank you and good travels ๐Ÿ‘‹

  2. Hi! It sounds like something very interesting… but let me get this straight… I will be working for you for free 20-25 hours a week… and the housing you provide is a spot for my tent? And no mention of food?

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