Home Exchange (House swap) or Volunteering offer at the Peruvian rainforest (Oxapampa) in a 25 hectares property

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We’re looking for someone or someones who would love to spend time, live or settled down in our 25 hectares property

Home Exchange in Peru (house swap) โ€“ Namaste with all of you: My name is Jose Bueno, 39 years old, a shaman (hombre medicina), from Peru. Currently living with my kids and wife in Haut Savoie – France border with Switzerland. By the way, also we’re looking for land to live; around this area (a few acres). Currently, I’m in Peru till May 19th 2021. We come back to Peru every year for a few months. My parents (Miguel 72, Lucia 70), usually live at the property but lately, they have decided to travel for a few weeks, months without any program.

We’re creating a Conscious Community (Eco & self-sustainable)

A place to live in balance and harmony with Nature, Mother Earth and every single being & life of this beautiful planet, including trees and insects.

Details of property
  • 25 hectares
  • 1 house (2 floors) and 1 bungalow: we’ll build more bungalows in the near future.
  • Several small or tiny lakes: fish farming
  • Surrounded by rivers
  • The main road passing by the property.
  • 20 minutes away from Puerto Bermรบdez town
  • Pets: 2 dogs
  • Small farm: chickens, ducks
  • 1 hectare of garden
  • Some agriculture & permaculture: banana, yuca, pituca, achiote and fruits
  • A native community (Ashaninka people neighbours): 5 minutes walking away
  • The house is humble and simple with no amenities, neither comfort: basic accommodation
  • Access to internet and phone calls at the top of the hill and at the native community

Our lifestyle
  • vegetarian and vegan
  • No killing any kind of beings and trees
  • Living in balance and harmony with nature & mother earth “Pacha mama”.
  • loving each other.
  1. We’re looking for someone or someones who share the same lifestyle or at least respect our way of living with consciousness.
  2. Care & General maintenance of the: house & bungalow, land and animals
  3. AT LEAST 6 month stay.
  • Facilities in Puerto Bermรบdez: drugstores, markets, internet, phone calls, hotel, restaurant, etc
  • The house and bungalow together can host (accommodate) at least 6 people.
  • We have a car and motorcycle available


Phone & WhatsApp: +51-932309407 / +33-767074694
EMAIL: namasterapie@gmail.com Website: www.namasterapie.fr
Address: provided after arrangements are made

This announcement was posted by Jose on our FB volunteer group.

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