Volunteer at a non-profit Hostel and Cat Sanctuary in Chetumal, Mexico

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Stay at our non-profit hostel ๐Ÿพ Support PAW Cat Sanctuary and our program to control the homeless population of domestic animals

Cat sanctuary volunteer opportunity โ€“ Hi everyone, I’m Madi & I’m an animal rescuer. I have been rescuing homeless cats & dogs for over 30 yrs. My work started in Belize where I fished kittens from plastic bags thrown in the water to drown and this led me to open the first cat sanctuary in Belize and Central America. My work consists of total rehabilitation i.e, vaccinating & sterilizing to break the vicious cycle of more animals being born unwanted & adopted. However, when I started prior to Facebook, it was practically impossible to find homes on the small island as there were so many animals & not enough homes. Most people did not like cats ie that is why they were thrown in the water.

Current situation & the mission of PAUSE

I moved to Mexico a few years ago where I continue to do my rescue work as well as sterilization clinics to control the animal population & their suffering. However, it is difficult to find local vets to assist. Most of the cats in my care are the senior cats, still alive from our sanctuary & are 15 plus years. Sparky, one of my 4 blind cats, being the oldest. As the cats are older my work has shifted from a cat sanctuary to a senior home for cats.

I placed hundreds of animals in great homes overseas as there are many cats here & most people do not like cats.

The cats at the senior home grew older waiting for homes & were never adopted as this was prior to Facebook, most have some type of medical problem but are still enjoying life and eat well. We are always lacking in funding and there are many things we will love to do to make life better for the animals as you will note if you volunteer, however, we barely are making it to feed and care for them.

Do you charge volunteers a daily or weekly fee?

No, we offer free food and accommodation

How many hours of volunteering help will you expect per week?

about 20-25 hours

More information about the hostel –ย Pause for a Cause (Pausa por una Causa)

This is not a common hostel, this is a non-profit project. Pause exists to support a cause, to help the homeless animals, in Mexico and Belize, giving them an opportunity to have a home, a place where they could live happy forever. Located in Chetumal, Mexico (and Caye Caulker, Belize). Pause Hostels, where all the profit goes direct to support our P.A.W – Cat Sanctuary & Humane Society & C.A.A.T.S – Caulker Assisting Animals Through Sterilization programs.


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Pause Hostel Chetumal is located in a modern building with a private view to the Caribbean Sea & the sunrise. You will find a huge garden with two rescued dogs, Pappa and Cinnamon and a private dock, where you can enjoy your Pause.

Join my project as a volunteer

I am looking for volunteers to come and support the hostel activities. For more information visit our website and social media profiles๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ”


Hostel & Cat sanctuary volunteer opportunity โ€“ @ Pause
Email: lara.hellkoetter@live.de
Website and social media

Website๐Ÿ‘‰ http://www.pausehostel.com/chetumal/chetumal-page
Instagram: Pause_Hostels
Facebook: Pause Hostel Chetumal


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