Volunteer at a horse sanctuary in Tenerife

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Join the Tenerife Horse Rescue as a volunteer

Tenerife Horse Rescue – We have an amazing opportunity for the right person. We are looking for a live-in volunteer at our horse sanctuary in Tenerife. In exchange for your help, we provide all food and accommodation for part-time working.


We are a small sustainable horse and animal sanctuary run solely by volunteers and are looking for 1 experienced horse person to join our team. For the right person, the position can be long term to help us grow the sanctuary. ( many of our volunteers have been here 1 or 2 years and the previous weekend girl was here for 3 years, from the beginning). The role is for weekends only. To feed, pick up poo, pick out feet (all barefoot, so we have a strict foot care routine) and keep an eye on horses.

There are only around 15 hours a week of actual work but you would need to stay on-site during the weekends. Then you would have Mon-Fri free to explore, ride or work elsewhere if you wanted (occasionally we may ask for dinner feed on Fridays, 1/2 hour work).


The role is perfect for someone who wants to experience something totally different, passionate about horses and open-minded to live in a community-style with VERY basic living. Back to the country. Applicants must love horses (obviously); be experienced or open-minded to positive reinforcement way of training and very different lifestyles for horses. We do not have grass, big paddocks and easy access to all vet supplies.

It is a different world with challenging animal welfare. This is why we are here to work as a team and bring these animals a better life. So it would not be suitable for people who are not open to different ways and “making the most of what we have”.


Everything on site revolves around the animals, they come first and humans second. So accommodation is in caves/caravan/wooden huts. We have a big community open-air kitchen where 25 of us use and are now in the process of signing for new land to build a big track system. We will also have a second community area and more volunteers soon.

About the Tenerife Horse Rescue

We are a horse and animal rescue centre in Tenerife, specialising in the rehabilitation of horses in a force freeway, R+ and barefoot. We create a natural, eco, environment for all of our animals to live peacefully for the remainder of their lives.


For more information, you can WhatsApp me or pm me on FB. +34 672350505

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/tenerifehorserescue

Website for more information, donation and other support: http://www.tenerifehorserescue.com/


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