Volunteer at Abaana Community Outreach Africa NGO in rural Uganda

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Volunteer and work for the local communities of Uganda

Uganda volunteer program Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO Africa) is a small local, registered, grass-root with a purpose to break the cycle of poverty by providing loving support and care for the poorest and most vulnerable community members, particularly children and women living with HIV/AIDS disease. Currently, ACO Africa is serving the four districts of Mityana, Lwengo, Kyotera and Wakiso of Central Uganda with a wide range of services in education, health, psychosocial care, livelihoods, food security and child rights protection.

Since 2010, ACO Africa has been hosting and working alongside international volunteers.

We have hosted over 100 volunteers from around the world including; United Kingdom (UK), Scotland, United States of America (USA), Canada, Mexico, Norway, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Italy and Greece. These volunteers have helped ACO Africa reach more communities in Uganda.

What type of host are you?
  • Organization/NGO
What are you looking for help with?
What’s the mission of your community?

ACO Africa works to create sustainable socioeconomic changes capable of generating lasting impacts on communities affected by deprivation.

How many volunteers could you host?
  • Up to 10 volunteers
When would you need volunteers?

Throughout the year (year-round). Their time of stay is ranging from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 6 months.

How many hours of help per day?

4-5 hours of help per day

How many days of help per week?

5 days per week – 2 days off

Note about the volunteer work and other expectations

Our volunteers are expected to support and care for the poorest and most vulnerable people, especially children and women of the community. Other important requisites are:

  • being at least 18 years or older,
  • good English commandment (at least basic),
  • be a healthy, flexible, self-starter and adaptable person,
  • have an interest in Community Development, children, disabilities/special needs, human rights, women empowerment, health care including education, normal class teaching, agriculture, farming, environmental, fundraising & grant writing and enthusiasm to work,
  • have the ability to adjust to living and working conditions in a multi-cultural environment,
  • ready for a very fragile community (changing characters),
  • and also be emotionally strong.

volunteer experience in Africa, community, ngo, charity, teaching, children, volunteer programs, Uganda, volunteers, team, relevant, voluntouring, voluntourism

Are accommodation and food included?

Yes, we offer food and accommodation

What type of accommodation can you provide?
  • Dormitory/shared rooms
  • Private room for a couple
Diet – nutrition information

Meals: All meals are covered from breakfast (including milk tea, dry tea, bread, eggs) plus evening tea, to lunch and super/diner every day. Most of our meals are vegetarian, including banana, cassava, potatoes (sweet and Irish), rice, and corn, and beans, peanut soup, peas, included with vegetables. On occasion, we also provide fish, beef, and goat meat.

Fees transparency

There are no hidden costs. If you want us to come to pick you up from and to the airport we ask $175.

The fee for transport (from and to the airport) is for volunteers who require us to pick up them from the airport and return. However, volunteers may choose to reach our organization via other means of their choice like buses from the nearby countries in case they were in the same region of East Africa and wanted to have an experience with us. so we just agree on the meeting point.
VISA – could you provide Visa support/info/invitation letters?

Maybe. We can help with an invitation letter if the candidate has good qualifications.

Volunteers’ benefits

Our projects are highly educational, practical, and have room for new initiatives. They are also emotionally challenging but with medium workloads. This volunteer program in uganda is ideal for individual volunteers and groups. Additionally, volunteers get hands-on experience in caring for

  • vulnerable children,
  • poor women and girls living with HIV,
  • prisoners,
  • elderly people’s work.

It is necessary to have a kind heart, open mind, sharing attitude and interaction with these vulnerable groups in our deprived communities.

  • You can contribute to changing the world little by little.
  • Gain new skills and work experience while volunteering abroad.
  • Experience new cultures and perspectives while creating lasting bonds.
  • Helping others provides fulfilment.
  • Get a better idea of your personal and professional path.
  • We also provide a certificate of completion.

What to do in the free time

During free time, volunteers can go to a safari/tour and other different tourists sites. There are popular tourist activities such as white-water rafting and bungee jumping and Safaris to national parks, and gorilla tracking. These all can be organized by ACO Africa affiliate Johnsons Safari- “Safaris for Charity”. Some volunteer may use that time for entertainment.




Uganda is so vast that the climate of the country varies. However, it has a tropical climate and one could classify the seasons as Hot, Wet & Cold. Temperatures usually range from 20 degrees centigrade to 30 degrees centigrade depending on the part of the country you are in. The hottest months are from December to February and July. The rainy seasons in the south are from March to May and October to November.

In the north, the wet season is normally from April to October. However, it is also possible that the climate will not be as expected due to the changing weather patterns (global climate change).

How to get to your site

Volunteers buy a visa for Uganda and book flights from their country of origin to Uganda. Every volunteer lands at Entebbe International Airport, the Only Airport in Uganda. Before leaving your country, you must inform ACO Africa about your coming to Uganda so that we can prepare in advance. Also, please, confirm your flight details so that you can be picked from the airport in time on arrival.

Is there internet access?


“Paying guests” Option. Could you accommodate “solidarity” tourists?

Yes, we can accommodate eco/responsible tourists & paying guests


Uganda volunteer program – Website address: http://www.aco-africa.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/828333687218548/
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZFVoJFI17c
Telephone: +256772193630/701349630
Hostname: Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO Africa)
Host Email: info@aco-africa.com

volunteer experience in Africa, community, ngo, charity, teaching, children, volunteer programs, Uganda, volunteers, team, relevant, voluntouring, voluntourism

volunteer experience in Africa, community, ngo, charity, teaching, children, volunteer programs, Uganda, volunteers, team, relevant, voluntouring, voluntourism

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