Now hiring caretakers (a couple) for a remote Alaskan Outpost

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Hiring caretakers willing to be filmed for unscripted docuseries in the U.S.A.

Hiring caretakers โ€“ Now hiring resourceful individuals with a strong and varied skill set who can hunt, forage, fix anything, survive an extreme environment, operate machinery, and who have a compelling reason for moving to Alaska and becoming a seasonal caretaker of a remote Alaskan outpost during the harshest winter months.

  • Candidates must be willing to be filmed for unscripted docuseries that may air on a national network/streaming service.
  • In addition to your physical skills, you will be required to tap into your personal ingenuity and rely on your mental fortitude โ€” and your sense of humour.
  • Must have at least 1 other person willing to engage in this experience with you.

Encouraging all races, ethnicities, creeds, et al.,

About the host

Jaimie Beebe is a natural Casting Director. Her experience as a Line Producer and Production Manager helps her understand the process a director goes through in order to find the right talent for the right project. She has worked with major brands, celebrities, and directors. Jaimie has cast several music videos for bands Buckcherry and Breaking 27, as well as many voiceover spots for radio. More recently Jaimie has begun casting shorts and feature films. Her passion is finding the perfect actor for the project she is working on to achieve the best result possible”.


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