Write a “Love Letter” for the Niman Children

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A love letter for the children of the Niman village

No one can choose the country of birth. Somewhere in this world, there are children that are unable to get formal education which causes them to have fewer options in life. Likely, those who are born in the region where agriculture is their only living activities have no option but to inherit their ancestors’ living style and think it is natural to become farmers without even realizing how wide the world is. The kids from India, Niman Village treat the village as their whole world, they have no knowledge about other countries and places.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to write a letter to the children of the Niman Village. Children naturally need encouragement and support. Your letter can warm a child’s heart and let them feel cared for and blessed. This can incredibly motivate their little heart to work for a brighter future ๐Ÿ™‚

The following announcement is from Kokoro a volunteer that is trying to help the kids from the Niman’s village. Thank you in advance.


Everyone From All Countries!

We would like to invite you to write a “Love Letter” for Niman’s people. To cheer them up! To motivate and give them some positive energy!

Did You Hear About The “Niman Village” Before?

Niman Village is located in Sherghati Tehsil of Gaya District in Bihar, India. Children lack education there. They have only 2 options for their future: agriculture or driving. A Japanese volunteer club called BEAM 10 years ago started to provide relevant education to them. However, children still lack insight into this whole world. Therefore, we decided to help kids learn about other cultures and help them to dream big in the future.

beam school
Pictures from Beam School

We hope kids will learn about other cultures and notice there are a lot of different people live in the world. From that, we believe that it helps kids to have a big dream in their future and feel bright possibilities for themselves. We stimulate studentโ€™s love for learning, and through publishing our event, the community are more aware of the needy, thereby creating a society full of love๐Ÿ’–

Covid 19 hit the community hard

In Niman Village, most of the people work in agriculture or are drivers of carrying stuff. Due to the Corona pandemic, many people lost their jobs, lose their motivation for life as well as losing the chance to communicate with others and lack of chance to get more information or knowledge around the world.

Therefore, we hope that we can send a “Love Letter” to let them know we are caring about them!


What can you do to help from home? You can send the “Love Letter” through our email, QR code, Google form or DM to Us!

Google Form https://forms.gle/ZMgM3onACMRqkhCL8
Our email: workshopkids1016@gmail.com

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