Empower vulnerable communities by volunteering in Uganda ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฌ

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Join Ssamba foundation as a voluntourist (updated December 2021)

ssamba foundation, logo, vulnerable communitiesFree volunteer program in Uganda โ€“ The main focus of the Ssamba Foundation is to provide opportunities for our local communities. All year round we organize activities, workshops, training programs and skill training for and by our community.

We do want to offer the opportunity to international volunteers to experience these activities firsthand and to volunteer at our projects in Uganda. As a volunteer, you will be on the front row and you will be able to experience true Ugandan life.

Volunteer daily routine in short

From Monday to Friday your days are full of engaging with the community. In the morning you will attend activities, workshops and teaching whereas in the afternoon you will be engaged in other cultural events. During the weekend you get the chance to experience the beauty of Uganda, travel around across the country, go for safaris (at your own expense), and explore the culture.

Every single thing that you do with Ssamba Foundation benefits the community 100%. Your stay, all activities you attend, everything you consume is provided for and by the local community.

Can you imagine the impact you have on the Ugandan people!


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Your volunteer experience in Uganda with Ssamba foundation: more details

From the minute volunteers get off the plane at Entebbe International Airport, they are welcomed into the Ssamba community development family. Our trusted drivers, who are all members of our local driversโ€™ community, will pick you up and bring you Mukono District, our base of operations.

No matter the time you arrive, you will be welcomed by our volunteer coordinator upon arrival. After a long journey, you will be arriving in a warm comfortable environment where we have set everything up for you.

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Three-day orientation

We provide an extensive three-day orientation where we will guide you around the community, explain all activities to you, introduce you to our local team, the community members and your co-volunteers. You will receive detailed training about the Ugandan culture, doโ€™s and donโ€™ts and we will show you around the village.

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The volunteer orientation means that you donโ€™t need to stress about planning your first few days in Uganda, we have it all sorted for you! It is important to us that those giving their time have an enjoyable experience from day one and are aware of the surroundings where they live. During your stay, you will be embraced and surrounded by our loving and hardworking community and you will be part of a vibrant, inspiring, safe and empowering environment.

Our local team is available 24/7 in case of emergency and our SunTrack Adventures guides and drivers who will take care of you during your weekends.


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What type of host are you?


What are you looking for help with?
What’s the mission of your community?

Ssamba Foundation addresses some of the most pervasive problems in rural Uganda, including

  • poor healthcare systems,
  • hunger,
  • poor education system,
  • access to clean drinking water,
  • environmental degradation and
  • extreme poverty.

In addition, our foundation focuses on empowering the youth of Uganda through leadership and skills training.

The focus of our programs is on providing resources for quality social services delivery in under-resourced communities of Uganda. In order to uplift the youngest of our society however, it is often necessary to first assist adults and the communities in which they live.

The organization lean on the principles that our common humanity is more important than our individual differences. We, therefore, operate on a non-political, non-denominational, and non-sectarian basis, welcoming each and every Ugandan in need.

voluntouring, voluntourism, food and accommodation, free hospitality, Uganda, volunteers, team, women volunteers, charity, ngo, organization, free program

How many volunteers could you host?

Up to 10 volunteers

When would you need volunteers?

All year long

How many hours of help per day?

4-5 hours of help per day

How many days of help per week?

5 days per week – 2 days off

Note about the volunteer work and other expectations

An important goal of Ssamba Foundation is to help people get directly involved in making positive change. We welcome anyone who comes with a kind heart, open mind and sharing attitude.

Are accommodation and food included?

Yes, we offer food and accommodation for free.

What type of accommodation can you provide?
  • Private Room
  • Private room for a couple
Diet – nutrition information
  1. Breakfast served is healthy and well balanced. It includes tea and coffee, bread, jam, fruit and a main dish, depending on the wish to prepare that day (Ex. eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, cereal, porridge, etc.).
  2. Lunch is typically the main meal of the day in Uganda and volunteers will often eat their meals on-site, prepared by local families or community members. If not, Project Leaders will bring volunteers to a local restaurant, which will offer several traditional options.

A typical Ugandan lunch features beef, chicken or fish coupled with potatoes, rice or beans (usually rice). Dinners at home offer a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option each night.

voluntouring, voluntourism, food and accommodation, free hospitality, Uganda, volunteers, team, women volunteers, charity, ngo, organization, free program

  • Always be wary of street vendorsโ€™ food, which is more susceptible to contamination, undercooked meat and raw fruits or vegetables.
  • DO NOT drink water straight from the tap. Brushing your teeth with it is usually fine, but, for personal consumption, be sure to buy bottled water from a store or boil tap water before drinking (though the latter is far less practical).
Fees transparency

Volunteering in Uganda is free, no Program Fees! No weekly fees! At Ssamba Foundation, we appreciate and allow you to use your compassion to help make the world a better place at no cost to you! ย Ssamba Foundation makes every effort to keep your costs to a minimum, as it is your talent and time that is most valuable to us and the communities we serve. Whether you are interested in volunteering short-term or long-term, we will discuss arrangements with you concerning finances.

We, however, encourage all our volunteers to throw themselves into fundraising and aim to bring a donation to support their intended projects! We know you can do it! The funds raised or donated goes directly to your project of interest, where you will be volunteering.

VISA – could you provide Visa support/info/invitation letters?

Yes, we can help with Visa/invitation letters

Volunteers’ benefits:

Volunteers are always welcome at Ssamba Foundation either for short-term or long-term projects. We want to deliver an experience to enjoy Uganda by living, working and making an impact with us. In exchange for your skills, donation and help, you get the following:

  1. voluntouring, voluntourism, food and accommodation, free hospitality, Uganda, volunteers, team, women volunteers, charity, ngo, organization, free programPre-Departure Handbook (Everything you need to know about Uganda)
  2. We shall pick you up from Entebbe International airport (Pick Up only)
  3. Accommodation throughout your stay (Minimum stay is 4 weeks)
  4. Shared bedroom with one other-same sex volunteer (separate beds)
  5. Blanket, Pillows and treated mosquito net
  6. Limited Wi-Fi Access at house (Please feel free to bring your laptop)
  7. 3 delicious local meals for your entire duration
  8. 24/7 In country Support
  9. You can stay with us for up to 12 months in Uganda, no extra fees required
  10. Deeper culture immersion experience with the founderโ€™s family
  11. Discounted tours, safaris and events
  12. We can help with Visa extensions
  13. Work and life experience
  14. The opportunity to help others and lifetime friends
  15. Certificate of Appreciation at the end of your stay
What to do in the free time

Ssamba Foundation volunteers enjoy an extremely unique experience not only in the work they do but also in the atmosphere they live in. The hard work volunteers put in during the week undoubtedly warrants some fun and relaxation during evening free time and on the weekends. During the week we organize a variety of activities for volunteers in the evenings.

  • We often play football (soccer), cards and board games or chill out around the bar or go out for a dance getting to know fellow volunteers from around the world.
  • Musical ballads are known to break out from time to time as well as the always entertaining pub-quiz nights.

Yet one of the biggest perks of volunteering in Mukono lies in the plethora of weekend outings we organize.

Ssamba Foundation is located just 60 minutes from either Jinja or Kampala where day tours can be organized to visit the source of the mighty river Nile, white water rafting and Mabira forest which showcase incredible biodiversity, including hundreds of birds and nature walks. No matter what your interests, there is always something for everyone to enjoy!



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Mukono District lies on the South East of Uganda about 22 kilometres from Kampala City. It is bordered by Buikwe District in the East, Kayunga District in the North, Wakiso District in the West and Lake Victoria in the South. Historically, Mukono was one of the centres of civilization in Uganda. At the advent of the colonization in Africa, big Christian missions, hospitals, schools and colleges were established in Mukono.

voluntouring, voluntourism, food and accommodation, free hospitality, Uganda, volunteers, team, women volunteers, charity, ngo, organization, free program

In 1908, Uganda was declared โ€œthe Pearl of Africaโ€ at Mukono on the hill which is known by the locals as โ€œGguluโ€ โ€“ โ€œHeavenโ€. One early morning in 1908, when Sir Wilson Churchill, former British prime minister was on a tour of this part of Africa, he woke up to a very clear morning African weather.

He stood on that hill and looked eastwards. He saw undulating hills of Kyaggwe County, valleys, green trees and grass, which he had not seen anywhere else in Africa and he declared, โ€œThis is really the Pearl of Africa.โ€ Mukono is the main gateway to Uganda from the east African coast.


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For the most part, there are three seasons in Uganda:

Cool and dry season (February to May)

Nights and early mornings are cool and can reach as low as 180C while mid-day heat can reach up to 26.30C. If you arrive during this time, be sure to bring warm clothing, and know that even though it is the dry season you should still be prepared for the possibility of rain.

Hot and dry season (June to October)

The hottest part of the dry period occurs between the months of June to October. Temperatures range from 18ยบC to 30.30C for most parts of the country. Be sure to wear loose-fitting, cotton-based clothing, but be prepared for the occasional cool morning as well.

voluntouring, voluntourism, food and accommodation, free hospitality, Uganda, volunteers, team, women volunteers, charity, ngo, organization, free program

Warm Wet Season (November to February)

Days and nights can get very hot and sticky. You need light clothes although there might be a day when the temperature drops, so bring a sweater. Bring a light raincoat, waterproof shoes, and plenty of clothes you can change into just in case you get caught in a downpour.

For both the dry and wet seasons, you will need to bring a hat and a high SPF sunblockโ€”the sun is extraordinarily strong and harsh to your skin. Also, this weather information is just a guideline; itโ€™s possible that you could have twenty days of rain in the dry season. For your own comfort, be sure to bring the proper gear to prepare you for any weather.+

Lastly, regardless of the season, you will be playing with children and/or working in a community, so bring comfortable clothes, preferably cotton – ones you could throw away if necessary. Wearing shorts (not too short) is appropriate for men and women, as long as they reach the knees.

Important NOTE:

Local Ugandan women rarely (if ever) wear shorts, so women might consider bringing pants, long skirts, or Capri pants to wear in town. The clothes you wear to your project should not be revealing or inappropriate in any way.

How to get to your site

You will be met at the airport by our team and be taken to Mukono Town where your base for service will be arranged. They must be carrying a poster with your names (Ex. If you are John Haley โ€“ the signpost will read: JOHN HALEY or SSAMBA FOUNDATION)


If you cannot find the above persons, please do not accept any offers to take you anywhere. Instead, please call the contact numbers.ย When you arrive at immigration you MUST request a touristโ€™s visa.ย If asked to give an address of where you will be staying in Uganda, please state: Ssamba Foundation-Mukono District

Is there internet access?


“Paying guests” Option. Could you accommodate “solidarity” tourists?

Yes, we can accommodate eco/responsible tourists & paying guests



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P.O Box: 423, Mukono, Uganda
Tel: +256703036404
Email: ssambafoundation@gmail.com ๐Ÿ“ง
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ssambafoundation
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ssambafoundation
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ssambafoundation/
Website: https://ssamba.org/ย 
Location: Suite 171, Verona House, Mukono Town


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voluntouring, voluntourism, food and accommodation, free hospitality, Uganda, volunteers, team, women volunteers

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6 thoughts on “Empower vulnerable communities by volunteering in Uganda ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฌ

  1. Having spent the last couple of months on this project in Uganda, I can honestly say it has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life. The location of the projects is fantastic, a remote Ugandan village covered in gardens and farmlands, the chance to mix with the locals and get a real feel for Ugandan culture.

    The home life is basic but is a welcome relief and is what traveling and project work like this is all about. Getting to eat local food direct from the land was fantastic and being able to cook as a family was great and a real bonding activity. The people you live with become your best friends and family and you get to experience so much together.

    I had an amazing time and really enjoyed this project, it was a culture shock when we first arrived however Isaac briefed us on what to do and where to go. I recommend future volunteers make sure that they carry more than enough insectsโ€™ repellant

    I can’t recommend this project enough and look forward to coming back again soon! If you want to experience real Ugandan culture, make friends for life and contribute to a project that is really helping change peopleโ€™s life and the environment then you should choose Ssamba Foundation, Isaac is doing some amazing work in his community!

    1. Thank you for posting this. It’s always nice to hear from someone who has already had the experience ๐Ÿ™‚. Do the bugs require any kind of special repellant, or can you just use any from a store? I know they must have different bugs then I experience in Minnesota, US

      1. Hello Mary, I volunteered in Uganda last summer. No special repellant required, any effective one can work.

  2. I was lucky to volunteer with Ssamba Foundation for a few months. During that period, I saw several lives being changed; vulnerable youth helped to join vocational skills training institutions, orphans and vulnerable children enrolled on school, people with HIV given new hope for living and helpless children being given their first formal lessons and dressing.

    I have no doubt in my heart, Isaac Ssamba is my hero.

  3. My name is Julie; I am an American university student who volunteered with Ssamba Foundation this past summer. Isaac asked me to leave a review by sharing my experience with his organization, I am glad to do so. Like other participants who shared their experiences here, volunteering in Uganda was an amazing life changing experience, and I would 100% do it again given the opportunity.

    I was nervous going to a place so different from anywhere I had ever been before, without my family or anyone I knew, for four weeks, but the support from Isaac made it seem possible. From the get-go, he answered all my questions by e-mail and WhatsApp. He sent me all the information I needed to know, so that I felt prepared for my trip to Uganda.

    While in Uganda, I stayed with his family at Kalaji, a small town north of Mukono. Isaac also arranged the safari trips for the volunteer team to Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls national parks, we also visited Jinja to see the source of river Nile.

    I worked with a microcredit program with local women groups in the surrounding villages of Kalaji, helping them design business plans. I was able to meet and work with the local people, as well as with other volunteers from all over the world.

    I would recommend Ssamba Foundation for anyone looking to volunteer abroad for the first time! The best moment of the experience- its free, I paid 200$ donation to confirm my stay and that was all (we paid for safaris separately). I covered my flights, visas, insurance, and all logistics of the trip.

    Thank you Isaac and your team for the giving me the opportunity to serve and explore Uganda.

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