Help at a Flea Market and Hostel in a Caribbean Island

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Volunteering position available Hostel Caretaker

Help at a hostel in St. Maarteen โ€“ Updated January 2022 We are reopening Vicky’s Keys as a Volunteer Center combined Hostel. This is an opportunity to live in the Caribbean while working on Sustainable Development Goal Projects such as creating Food Security on Sint Maarten, in the role as:

Supervisor volunteer centre

To fulfil this role it is a must to be familiar with Kitchen-gardening because most food ingredients are cultivated in our gardens. A background in facility management and or hostel or hospitality operations to manage all aspects of Vickyโ€™s Keys is required. Your leadership skills have to be spot on to manage and guide a group of volunteers who will be working on several development projects and if applicable living at Vickyโ€™s Keys. Furthermore, you need to be smart, fun, love to landscape and garden, eager to learn more about Vickyโ€™s Keys applied Eco Lifestyle, love to host guests, love to cook/BBQ, love music and create a great experience for our guests and volunteers.

Vickyโ€™s Keys Hostel is looking for two new volunteer colleagues (preferably a couple) for the coming season.

The hostel is located in The Keys a little village in the area called Sucker Garden on St. Maarten DWI. Located right across the salt pond we are just a 2-mile distance from Philipsburg.

If you want to apply go to the Contact Details section below ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ“ง๐Ÿ‘‡

What are Vickyโ€™s Keys and whatโ€™s a hostel?

Vickyโ€™s Keys is a hostel. A hostel is a budget-oriented dormitory accommodation that accepts individual travellers (typically backpackers) for short-term stays, and that provides common areas and communal facilities. This means the majority of our guests share the sleeping area, bathroom and kitchen. Except for guests who sleep in the private dorm rooms and or studios, they wouldnโ€™t have to share everything with other guests. With 15 single beds and 3 queen size beds (private room and studios) a maximum of 21 persons per night can stay at our hostel.

Are you our new colleague?

If you have a background in hostel management/operations and be willing to get involved in all aspects of running the hostel then do get in touch. You need to be smart, fun, love to BBQ, love music and create a great experience for our guests.

What are the tasks?

Task hours vary per day and depends on guest occupancy. You will cover all duties, for example:

  1. bookings management, check-in and check-out.
  2. website / social media updates.
  3. cleaning, laundry management.
  4. preparing breakfast.
  5. cooking / bartending (e.g. happy hour, bbq events)
  6. managing and buying stock.
  7. ensuring when a guest posts their feedback they mention that both the hostel and you are awesome.
  8. managing day to day maintenance and contacting specialists for maintenance when you need to.
  9. guidance of recruited volunteers for our Eco- projects.

This opportunity would better suit someone looking for a longer-term stay in one location/hostel at least 4 months up to 7 months.

  1. Preferable an EU passport holder.
  2. You should speak English fluently and your writing skills are up to par.
  3. If you speak other languages then that’s a plus.
  4. A drivers license is a must.
  5. You will live on location (compensation included) take care of guests and the property (technical duties) and help make the hostel a success from A-Z. With all of this, we also hope you will have lots of fun and enjoy living in a paradise called St. Maarten/ St. Martin.

Besides the above mentioned we aim to develop alternative means of income for the hostel such as beach pick-nicks, boating, pub/cafe crawls, bike rentals, drink/food selling, any funky ideas you have that are doable and can be enjoyed by you as well are welcome.

What do you get in return?
  1. A place called home on St. Maarten for the busy season.
  2. More hostel management experience.
  3. Meeting lots of people from all walks of life.
  4. A spot in our Staff Apartment.
  5. Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) & (non-alcoholic)Beverages
  6. Company Transportation.
  7. Company Phone.
  8. Company Clothing.
  9. A percentage of the monthly nett Turn Over.
For your own account:
  1. International covered insurance
  2. Travel costs to and from St. Maarten DWI

We offer the opportunity to add your input to this little space in paradise allowing others to sleep there and have the best time in life!

Old announcement 2018 โ€“ Volunteers needed to help out at our Flea Market and Vicky’s Keys Hostel in Sint Maartenย  (Caribbean)

“Vicky’s Keys”, an Eco-focused Hostel combined with Bed & Breakfast facilities located in The Keys a quiet suburban village of Philipsburg, the Capital City of Sint Maarten. Set into the Sint Maarten country hillsides, we are just across the Great Pond and from sweeping ocean sands, and a 7-minute scenic drive to the quaint streets of Philipsburg. Here at Vicky’s Keys, we are working on being Eco-minded with everything we do and love. With the renovations yet happening, we apply the Eco aspect of our Hostel.

You will find lots of recycled material applied with regards to the interior and exterior of our humble little place. If you are Eco-minded then come help us become the Eco-Hostel for which we have set our goals for. You will be able to use your creativity and even help with Eco workshops where we will be teaching our guests and neighbour, local residents, how to apply self-sufficient living in their lives.

Besides this, if you are looking to be among the locals and away from the tourists Vicky’s Keys is the place for you. Here you get the opportunity to get to know the local community and find a true sense of what the island St. Maarten/St. Martin is like.ย Some call it paradise but for us, itโ€™s our way of living.

We enjoy the simple things in life such as relaxing, feeling the sun on our skin, dipping in the sea, creating fresh foods and juices, growing own fruits, veggies and herbs..and having lots of time on our handsโ€ฆ So come on over and experience the Caribbean way of living with us!

Screening questions
  1. Have you ever volunteered at a Hostel before? How was that?
  2. Do you have a drivers license?


Find in-depth info about this role at the following link
Submit your English written motivational letter together with your resume at the mentioned link.

Do you think you can add to our concept? Then send in your application and resume at
More about us

  1. Phone: +1 721 586 8435
  2. Facebook:

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