Help at a healing center in Mexico

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I am a Native health practitioner looking for help at a healing center within a Nahua community located on the outskirts of Mexico City. Our land is part of a Nahua village which is the last Indigenous town in the city. We have our own Indigenous government with 90% of our territory covered in lush green forest, plus almost everybody here is a farmer.


I offer volunteers plant medicine, ceremony, food and shelter in exchange for your help planting medicinal plants and building an irrigation system.
Our farmhouse (almost half an acre) is also a nest for the revitalization and stabilization of the Nahuatl language spoken in our community which is in danger of disappearing.

Mission of our community

Our mission is to supply our needs (food, fuel, medicine, fun, ceremonies..) without compromising the ability of future generations.

Looking inward, we seek to heal our relationship with our own bodies (an entire biome itself) through holistic nutrition. And looking outward, we seek to heal the damaged landscapes around us by rebuilding soils and restoring ecosystems โ€“ through permaculture. As we grow in knowledge and experience, we will be able to pass on this knowledge through skills workshops, nutrition courses, farm visits and articles.



For more information about our project click here ๐Ÿ‘‡


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