Help at a rabbit sanctuary in South Africa

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A colony of rabbits needs your help with sterilisation, food & labour.

We run a rabbit sanctuary 60km from Cape Town, South Africa. Looking for a volunteer to help with feeding and watering the bunnies. We provide modern, clean & safe accommodation.

Fluffy the Great is a rabbit sanctuary in Gordon’s Bay, Western Cape, named after Fluffy, our original rescued Angora rabbit. Over the years we’ve accumulated hundreds of homeless rabbits under our care, and need your help to keep them fed, sterilised (we all know the saying about rabbits and breeding!), and sheltered until we can find them forever homes.

Current situation

We have approximately 250 rabbits that need feeding & water every day. I as the owner of the plot, my lady friend & a Gardner (currently away on 2 week holiday ) look after them.

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“Since I’ve been my spending my time in nature with animals I found that we are the wild savages and they are the ones who are actually civilized” – Jim Carrey
How else you can help

Looking after so many rabbits is expensive work! We greatly appreciate any financial assistance, and you can donate to us. Here’s a rough breakdown of our costs (we spend about R9000 a month taking care of our bunnies!);

  • Sterilization, R350 per rabbit
  • Rabbit pellets R275 a bag
  • Russel rabbit R360 – R440 a bag
  • Daro R234 a bag

You can help us by donating food, bedding materials, even cages or enclosures – and importantly, funds for sterilisation!

Did you know?

Female rabbits have two wombs, so they can be pregnant with two litters at the same time, and the gestation period is as little as three weeks in some species! It’s cheaper to sterilise males than females, but males can stay potent for up to two weeks following sterilisation, so it makes more sense to sterilise the females when we can.

If you’d like to enquire about donating, volunteering, adopting a rabbit, or to arrange a drop-off or collection of food or otherwise, please get in touch with us using the contacts below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡


Website: Facebook page: IG:

Email: fluffythegreat@runbox.comv

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