Volunteer at Casa Verdi in Sicily

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Hello Traveler and Nomads,

I would like to introduce you to this project โ€œCasa Verdiโ€ located in the heart of Catania. This house (ital.: โ€œcasaโ€) is a place from traveller to the traveller which hosts tourists as well as mid to long-term residents. The intention of this project is to create an alternative housing project, which is not only based on the values of modern society, e.g. money or efficiency but is able to give everyone the feeling of โ€œhomeโ€ during their journey.

It is the place to be!

It is by fostering self-expression that we create good value for each other. In the house the residents live with the intention of pursuing a good and simple life: we clean, welcome new people, cook, eat, talk, work, exchange ideas, have events and debates. At the moment itโ€™s Marco, Santo, and Chrissi who are living long-term in the house and managing the daily tasks of Casa Verdi. Because some of us (especially Santo who founded the project) are already living quite long in this project and are tired of the daily working routine, we decided that we want to rethink and plan this and other projects. To find the time and energy needed for this, we would like to externalize the daily task routine to a small group of travellers who can imagine committing themselves to this project for a longer period of time.

The deal

The idea is to find people who can work and live in this structure and create โ€“with our support in the background- a self-organized ecosystem that ensures that the daily tasks of Casa Verdi (including welcoming guests, cleaning, changing beds, making the laundry, etc.) are done with our spirit of community, home, and love. Unfortunately, our project is, until now, not sufficient enough to pay for this work in exchange (also this is part of the future plan). Therefore it would be only half a day of work for 5-6 days a week in exchange for our hospitality, the freedom of self-organization and the possibility to fully express yourself.

We are open and curious about your individual talents and values.

Some of these values though are, for the three of us, very important. We agreed that we are looking for an autonomous person who gives us, through her/his authentic behaviour, a profound feeling of trust and safety. We are looking for someone who is not afraid of responsibility and wants the freedom of self-expression. We all agree that friendliness and community thinking are good qualities to do this work with passion. And we are really looking forward to seeing someone energetic enough to do the jobs which are described above.

We are already a big community of travellers and friends of Casa Verdi and many of us are coming back to this project again and again.

Please help us to become part of our community so that we can make a change in the paradigm of modern society travelling.

coliving, cohousing, intentional community, volunteer community, nomad base, traveller home, voluntouring, voluntourism, Sicily, Catania, Casa Verdi



More information ๐Ÿ‘‰ ๐Ÿ‘‰ ย https://www.casaverdicommunity.com/ecosystem

If you have any questions contact us at casaverdicatania@gmail.com or PM Casa Verdi



coliving, cohousing, intentional community, volunteer community, nomad base, traveller home, voluntouring, voluntourism, Sicily, Catania, Casa Verdi



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2 thoughts on “Volunteer at Casa Verdi in Sicily

  1. I am Siri from Berlin. For 5 years I have been working in various positions on sailing boats as a hostess, cook, sailor or skipper. Between trips I do boats sitting or repair and restore boats because I like to work with wood, for example. ย  I worked in a hostel in the Bahamas for three months in spring 2019 to learn about the hostel management business. I had a wonderful time there and learned a lot. I would be very interested to help and work in your hostel too. Sicily is my dream island, I love nature, the people and of course the food, I have lived in Licata for six months and am currently learning Italian. I have time from June to September and would like to volunteer for you. Would it be possible? ย  I look forward to a message from you! ย  Thanks and regards, Siri

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