ESC Volunteer projects in Italy for people from 18 to 30 years old

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Nice ESC opportunities to volunteer in Italy promoted by InCo association!

Do you picture yourself spending a year in Italy learning new skills and living new experiences with new people? ⬇️ If you are between 18 and 30 years old and a citizen of the EU keep reading. 🇮🇹 Are you interested in the field of social inclusion and youth work?
The team of C.T.S.: Centro Trentino di Solidarietà, in the beautiful city of Trento, in northern Italy! You will have the chance to collaborate with the staff involved in CTS.



From March 2022 for 12 months



About CTS

The “Centro Trentino di Solidarietà” – CTS, was funded in 1984 and was dedicated exclusively with the problem of heroin addiction, opening a residential community.

The volunteers will be involved in the activities of Casa Lamar:
  • Accompany the guests to have walks outside
  • Organise “Cineforum” (movie time for the guests)
  • Be involved in the activities of the house (cooking, gardening, housework, etc.)
  • Organise recreational activities
  • Organise parties, murder mistery dinner and other public events.

Food, accommodation and pocket money

  • The volunteers will live inside a flat with single or shared room in the city of Trento.
  • Volunteers will have the opportunity to have lunch within the communities during their working day. Regarding the other meals of the day, as well as the meals during the weekends, volunteers will have the possibility to take all the food they need to cook in the kitchen of the communities where they will prepare their food autonomously.
  • Our staff is always available to meet volunteers’ needs and to satisfy them when it is possible.

Regarding transportation, volunteers will get a transport card as soon as they arrive. The card allows them to travel for free in the whole Province of Trento. It is important to underline that public transports in the Province work very well.

Volunteers will receive 150,00 € per month as pocket money.

How to apply?

See the contact details 🔍📧 section below  👇

OLD PROGRAMS (expired 2020) from the same association

Volunteer Projects in Italy – Thinking about volunteering in 2021?! Here’s your chance. At InCo (Italian cultural association) they have many open projects for you if you come from any EU country, take a look!👀👀

Current projects in Italy UPDATED 15th February 2021! URGENT CALLS

We need two volunteers to fill these spots in the North of Italy 🇮🇹 for a year! Help us join the European Solidarity Corps and make your 2021 (or year of the #Ox🐂🧧😉) a year that you won’t forget!

Last spots available: Social activities in Bolzano
  • 🔻1 SPOT volunteering in the field of organization & implementation of activities for young people & people at risk of social exclusion in the Italian city of Bolzano, with Caritas Südtirol – Alto Adige. As a volunteer, you will be part of a team and they will participate in staff meetings and in meetings with other volunteers.

🔎📝More info👉👉

Last spots available: Social activities in Trento
  • 🔻1 SPOT volunteering in a youth centre implementing activities for young people in Pergine Valsuaga (Trento) with Azienda Speciale Servizi Infanzia e Famiglia – G.B. Chimelli. As a volunteer, you will support the staff in the preparation of specific events to promote the different opportunities for youths.

🔎📝More info👉👉

Read the previous opportunities from the same organization👇👇

Or go to the contact details section below to get in touch with the Association‼️🔎

[What is ESC & how does it work?]

Previous Announcement 11 December 2020

Have you written your new year’s resolutions yet? What about becoming a volunteer?!  Join the European Solidarity Corps and take part in one of InCo Associazione projects for people from 18 to 30 years old:

Youth mobility program

🛬 Volunteer in the field of youth mobility, non-formal learning and EU cooperation in the Inco Molfetta office for 12 months from April 2021!

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Art, Music, Culture –ESC Program

🛬 Volunteer in the field of arts, music, social development and promotion of culture with Updoo World Association from March 202 for 12 months!

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Recreational activities for young people – program

🛬 Volunteer in the field of social & recreational activities; a volunteer project for young people that will support the Municipality of Lavis in implementing its Youth Policies. Lenght is 12 months starting from January 2021!

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Assistance and recreation for elderly and disabled people

🛬 Volunteer in the field of assistance and recreation for elderly and disabled people; you will work in a nursing home and become part of the ASSB /BSB Spazio Famiglie (Familienzentrum Firmian’s team). Length is 12 months starting from March 2021!

For more information + info pack go here👉


What do you need to do to apply?

Additional info:

For any information write an email to: 📧

If you want to apply send your CV (in English or Italian) to and fulfil this Application Form.

This announcement was posted by InCo on our volunteer FB group.

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