Volunteer on a retreat center in Jordan

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Looking for Yoga Teachers & Meditation Teachers

Bedouin yoga camp, Wadi Rum, Jordan, logo, experienceBedouin Yoga camp experience โ€“ We are looking for Yoga Teachers & Meditation Teachers who might offer Healing Sessions or coaching. We are the first Retreat Center in Jordan and our camp is located in the desert of Wadi Rum. We own 15 traditional tents (in total 30 guests) a lounge tent, bathrooms & showers, Bedouin Yoga Tents and countless spots for Meditation. You will stay in a traditional bedouin tent to share with another volunteer with shared facilities. We have Solar Energy in the camp in the middle of the desert. There is no WIFI in the camp, but we can bring you regularly to a hotspot.

You can join our trips and tours in Wadi Rum.

Petra is just a short ride by Bus. Aqaba is 45 minutes by car or bus.

  • We provide 3 meals per day plus water, tea & coffee.
  • You will have to organize the retreat program with a retreat leader and the other volunteers.
  • You can offer private sessions to the retreat guests.


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More information

We are looking for interns for our brand new retreat centre in Wadi Rum – it is the first retreat centre in Jordan! We offer yoga, meditation and healing sessions such as spiritual regression or energy work. If you have therapeutic or spiritual skills or training, you can offer these too! Private sessions are possible, for which you will be paid directly by our guests! We will discuss the prices with you! Our retreat centre in the desert has 15 traditional tents with 1-4 beds. In total, our camp offers space for about 32 guests! You will be accommodated in a 2-bed tent that you share. Shared showers & toilets have hot water through solar energy!

Yoga camp – exchange Benefits

You can learn to create a retreat programme as part of a team, organise excursions and get to know our guests better through discussions. We offer you to participate in excursions for free! You can get an evaluation from us! You should have a good command of English!

  • Accommodation & meals (3x a day)
  • Water, tea & coffee
  • Excursions (depending on the demand of our guests)
  • Camel or horse riding extra (this goes directly to the owners)
  • 1 month (30 days visa, which can be extended on-site)
  • 4 hours per day| 5 days a week
How to reach us
  • Petra and Aqaba are easy to reach from Wadi Rum by bus or taxi

Do you charge volunteers a daily or weekly fee?

No, we offer free food and accommodation

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How many hours of volunteering help will you expect per week?

about 20-25 hours


There is no WiFi in camp, but we can regularly take you to hotspots or to the village of Wadi Rum.

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Volunteer on a retreat center in Jordan โ€“Host Name: Bedouin Yoga Camp Wadi Rum
Email: bedouinyogacamp@gmx.com

Website and social media

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bedouinyogacampwadirum/

Instagram: soul_tribe_travel


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