How do you handle work when you are going on a volunteer trip?

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How do you handle work when you are going on a volunteer trip around the world with WWOOF, Workaway, and so on?

When you guys are looking at WWOOFing or Workawaying, what do you do or have you done about work? To prepare for travels, did you just quit work, take a leave of absence and return after travels, not go because work would not accommodate you, etc.? So how do people handle work when they are going to do this kind of stuff? – Here are some ways you can do it (according to volunteers who have done it).

Ask for a Gap/Sabbatical year

If you want to volunteer abroad you may need to take between 2 weeks to 3 months, and even one year (the so-called sabbatic year). Whether or not you will be allowed to leave your work for a certain amount of time, depends on your environment, whether they are open for a long absence or not. In some countries, a gap year is protected by law.

Many students choose to do volunteer work abroad in between their studies. For example, at the end of high school and before starting college, or after college.

Some reasons to apply for a sabbatical year:
  • Try a different lifestyle
  • Clear your head
  • Try new experiences
  • Travel for an entire year
  • Meet new people and cultures
  • Come back lighter and more flexible
  • Become aware of what you really want
  • Acquire new skills
  • Change & grow
Gaps between jobs

Many individuals go on a volunteer trip while taking a break between temporary and seasonal jobs.

Paid Time off

Many travellers try to carry out a travel and volunteering experience during their paid holidays. The best volunteering experiences are those that last longer (between 1 to 3 months), but you can also volunteer for two days or just two weeks.

Quit your job

Not everyone wants to quit their job, or can afford to quit their job, but among the voluntourists that you will meet around the farms and hosting communities of the world, there are many “quitters”. Many people try the volunteering experiences when they have quit their job, or lost it (due to economic crisis, recession or COVID).

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