Volunteer at a local school in the Dominican Republic for food and accommodation

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Volunteer at Liceo Cientifico in the Dominican Republic

Volunteer in the Dominican Republic โ€“ If you want to make a real impact in education as a volunteer, come to the Dominican Republic. We need volunteers who join some of the best non-profit educational institutions for rural communities. Liceo Cientifico, Escuela Primaria Hermanas Mirabal and Mensen Academy are offering volunteer positions with room and board included.
Volunteer, make a real impact and enjoy paradise.

About us

We have faith in them. They are young, eager to live, learn and create. Their talents are diverse, their energy is extraordinary and they study in the best public secondary and high school in the country, the Liceo Cientรญfico Miguel Canela Lรกzaro in Salcedo, the cradle of the Dominican leaders of the future.

This high school was founded in 2013, as the first public school using the internationally recognized “STEM” education system. A system focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


The idea was to create a high-quality educational centre that prepares the most talented students in the province for the best universities in the country or the world, regardless of their financial resources.

The Liceo Scientifico currently has more than 500 students registered from the first grade of secondary school (formerly 7th grade) to the third grade of high school. The students work daily on their development in science and mathematics so effectively that their intellect and success have been recognised nationally by the Senate of the Republic and the President of the country on several occasions.

Some of the awards they have managed to secure in international competitions include: “Nasa Human Rover Exploration Challenge,” thanks to the Astromovil, a water sample collection tool designed and built by 10 students, and the “Samsung Solving for Tomorrow” award for their project entitled: “Passive Mechanical Energy Capture and Storage System”.

In addition,

it has become almost a tradition to see students from the Science Lyceum at every science, mathematics and literature Olympiad in the country representing their region annually. In 2021, it was a sixth-grade student from the Liceo Cientรญfico, Melvin Nรบรฑez, who participated, representing the Dominican Republic, in the IV Central American and Caribbean Biology Olympiad.


The Liceo Cientรญfico has graduated 100s of students, since 2016, when then-president Danielo Medina personally attended the first graduation. Since then, many of the graduates are studying at the university level with scholarships offered by the most prestigious universities in the country and around the world. And many are already graduating from these universities.

Ivรกn Goris and Yamilka Acosta, just to mention recent examples from 2021, were selected to finish their high school studies at the United World College. While Ivรกn went to Costa Rica, Yamilka went to Singapore for two years of study in those countries thanks to a full scholarship granted by the United World College programme.


If interested, let us know by filling out this form.


Please tell us why you want to be a volunteer at Liceo Cientifico. How much time can you commit to work towards the mission of Liceo Cientifico and in what capacity you think you can help. You must understand that as a volunteer working at Liceo Cientifico, you will receive modest accommodation to live in Salcedo, but the position will not be granted any fixed salary or monetary compensation.

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