Experiential Exchange in our Italian Ecovillage

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Tempo di Vivere Ecovillage is hosting volunteers from all over the world

Experiential Exchange in Ecovillage – Experiential Exchange in Ecovillage – Here at Tempo di Vivere we have reflected and revised the concept of “exchange” with the people who come to visit us. After the experiences of these years, we have noticed over time that what feeds us most in Exchange is what people know how to bring about themselves: talents, abilities, passions, personal experiences. We understand that it is important to do with others what we do with each other.

An “Experiential Exchange”

From this year the “job exchange” turns into “experiential exchange” where the important thing is not only to be active and to give only practical help but to get involved in the first person!

  • In return, you will receive the opportunity to experience community life, sharing everyday life, doing together and feeling “part”, even if only for a short period, of a dream come true, in a wonderful place that it wraps and nourishes us…
  • excellent food and a bed

More information –ย What does experiential exchange mean for us?

It is a period of mutual knowledge in which those who come to visit us give us their experience and their time and in exchange receive the opportunity to experience a period of community life.

This is not a simple “job exchange”. Lending a hand in our reality enriches both those who come from outside and those who already live here. It is a precious moment of exchange at 360 ยฐ, practical and relational. On a practical level, the work projects depend on the needs of the moment and may vary.

In general, you always need help in daily tasks
  • cooking,
  • cleaning,
  • tidying up indoor and outdoor spaces,
  • children,
  • seasonal vegetable garden.

While not fundamental, anyone who can bring professionalism and experience in specific fields is also welcome (e.g. hydraulics, electrical and electrical systems, IT, education, self-construction and do-it-yourself, agriculture).

  • The experiential exchange period is 7 min/max days to allow us to know each other. We will have an agreement upon telephone contact.
  • To stay in the ecovillage one-time โ‚ฌ 15 is required for the annual membership card.

we specify that we do not accept children under 18 in the “experiential exchange” formula. Even if they are authorized by their parents. We have also difficulties accepting families with young children, both for logistical space problems. The thing is we are not ready to manage children who need the constant presence of an adult.

For families with children, however, there are other occasions during the year to experience community life (eg Family camp, Summercamp, Via del Cerchio, Ecovillage life …)

General indications:

The cuisine is mainly vegetarian and vegan.

Any specific dietary needs tell us in advance.

  • The living room is in shared rooms, up to 6 beds.
  • The bathrooms are in common.

Animals are currently not allowed (we love them enormously, but we have a feline colony of 5 cats and a dog who do not willingly accept other animals and we are not equipped to welcome them safely).


The house is in the first mountains, in the open countryside. No matter how hard you try to keep the living spaces clean, you have to learn to live with dust and earth.ย In addition to this, some cats from the feline colony enter the house.ย Please evaluate this information carefully before visiting us, especially in case of allergy to animal dandruff or dust mites.

Also, read the Internal Agreements (in Italian)



Would you like to be part of this experience? Get in touch!

3487830445 Riccardo (if he does not answer he will call you back as soon as possible!)

Other contacts: https://www.tempodivivere.it/contatti.html

For more information: https://www.tempodivivere.it/scambio-lavoro-esperienziale.html (in Italian)

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ecovillaggio.tempodivivere

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