Some things we could do to help the people in Ukraine

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Local associations and institutions are organising collections of funds and goods for people caught in the middle of the war.

How to help the people in Ukraine โ€“ In Ukraine, there are a number of non-profit associations (many of which were established during the 2014 war) that in these days of emergency due to the Russian military invasion are working on the ground to offer medical and psychological assistance and give help to families fleeing the cities. In addition to these, there are institutions and initiatives of the Ukrainian government, international organisations and small local projects everywhere in Europe that are equipping themselves to send food and basic necessities. These are all initiatives that need funds and participation to carry out their work: below you will find the main ones with the links and references necessary for those who want to donate.


The sites and systems for sending donations of the associations working in Ukraine may be overloaded and therefore slow or not working. Many associations have indicated that they are working on it or have directly published the IBAN and links to make direct payments, but in general, if you see that something is not working, do not lose hope and try again later.

Ukrainian organisations

Ukrainian Red Cross

URC has existed since 1918 and works to save lives and alleviate the suffering of people living in Ukraine during wars, natural disasters and accidents of all kinds. The page for donating from abroad is this one and you can follow their updates in English on Twitter and translated into Italian on Facebook. The Red Cross, together with the Ministry of Health of the Ukrainian government, has also created a special account to collect donations.

These are the contact details for European donors:

Legal entity: URCS
Company code: 00016797
IBAN account number: UA983510050000026004271658800
Beneficiary Bank (JSC “UKRBSIBBANK”):
Intermediary Bank: BNP PARIBAS SA Paris, FRANCE

Donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross and its work to help civilians in this difficult time for Ukraine! You can donate on
โœ… URCS website:
โœ… iRaiser platform:

Voices of Children

Voices of Children is a Ukrainian non-profit organisation established to provide psychological support to children traumatised by the 2014 war, especially in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk (the Donbass). These days it is mainly involved in providing shelters, meals and basic necessities for people fleeing the cities. It is also setting up a 24-hour remote psychological support system. You can follow daily updates of their work on Facebook, Instagram and on their website, also in English.
You can donate here.

Vestok SOS

Vestok SOS is a Ukrainian association founded in 2014 to offer assistance to victims of military aggression in the eastern region of the country and in Crimea. These days it has opened a phone line to give assistance to Ukrainians fleeing and seeking help on how to move, where to sleep and where to seek shelter. On their social network, they will post updates on how they will use the money collected from donations. On this page, you can find the IBAN for making a bank transfer.


Hospitallers is a Ukrainian non-profit association that provides health care to soldiers, thanks to donations from supporters and the help of volunteer doctors and paramedics. This Facebook post (it can be possibly translated automatically) contains all the information for those wishing to make a donation.

Local journalism

For those who want to fund Ukrainian journalism these days, we highlight two projects:

  • The Kyiv Independent – an independent news site where Ukrainian journalists who write in English work: you can support it using Patreon or GoFundMe;
  • Meduza – one of Russia’s leading independent English-language newspapers is in particular difficulty these days because the platforms it uses to receive donations have been blocked and there is a general risk that it will be shut down by the Russian authorities. You can make a donation here.

International organisations working in Ukraine

International Medical Corps

I.M.C. is an international organisation that is active in war zones and crisis contexts, both in emergencies and to set up long-term health care projects. It has been present in Ukraine since 1999 and since 2014 has been particularly active in the eastern region of the country. These days, it is working in Ukraine to offer medical and psychological assistance and to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. You can make a donation from here.

Save The Children

save the childrenSave The Children – one of the most important children’s rights organisations – has been active in the Donbass region since 2014: you can donate to the emergency fund here.

Razom for Ukraine

razom, emergency response, logoRazom for Ukraine is an association founded in the United States during the war in 2014. One of the association’s projects is called Emergency Response and is designed to provide assistance and medical resources to the Ukrainian population in emergency situations. You can donate here or directly by PayPal.

United Help Ukraine & Nova Ukraine

Two other American associations involved in providing assistance to the Ukrainian population are United Help Ukraine, which has started this fundraiser on Facebook, and Nova Ukraine, which among other things provides humanitarian aid (donate here).

If you know of other ways to help Ukrainian and Russian victims of the conflict, please write to us in the comments. We will keep this article updated. Thank you.

Can you help Natalya and Alex?

We have received a message from Natalya. Please contact her if you think you can help her:


I am from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

We have been bombed by Russian troops for the sixth day. They bomb civilians. There is no transport. Shops, pharmacies, banks do not work. There is no gasoline in my city. My mother-in-law lives at the other end of the city and there is no connection with her.
The old lady has not got a power supply and water for 3 days long, She cannot do outside because all lifts are off from 24/02/2022. Her mobile is off. We have not had any news from her for 2 days. She needs a power supply for her mobile, drinks water and potassium iodide preparations in case of radiological contamination.
Please advise who I can turn to for help.

Very hope for a response,
Natalya Sadchykova,
038(066) 521 1155
Illinskya street 63 app 16
61093, Kharkiv, Ukraine

my mother-in-law contacts
Lidia Zuykova
Valentinovskay st 20 appt 131
61170, Kharkiv, Ukraine

We have also received a message from Alex.ย Please contact him if you think you can help him.
Good day friends.ย 
My name is Alex. Iโ€™m a volunteer from Ukraine. Iโ€™m searching for partners who can help for our military and civil:
Now we need:
  • Medicineย 
  • Military clothesย 
  • All for baby
  • And other
if somebody can help please write to me. We have friends in Poland who can transfer all to the border of Ukraine.
Please help us to stop the war.ย 
Bless you God and thank you
My contacts:
+380677700555 (Viber/Telegram/Phone)

Also read: Help Ukrainians pass the borders with their pets & animalsย 

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