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azul wasi, volunteer project, cusco, peru, voluntouring, voluntourismHey there everyone! I am currently one of the volunteers here at Azul Wasi, a non-profit project and orphanage in beautiful Oropesa, Cusco! As of the time of writing (April 2022), I am halfway through my stay of three weeks and absolutely in love with what the locals have put together; I had to hop on here and share this incredible experience!
While I (alongside other volunteers) am here for a few weeks, the orphanage also welcomes daily visitors from all over the world. So if youโ€™re ever in Cusco but donโ€™t have a whole lot of time, Iโ€™d highly recommend you get in touch to arrange a visit and stop by for at least a few hours; I promise you wouldnโ€™t regret it!

However, for those of you interested in staying longer, let me share some more information about this experience with you.

General information

Here at Azul Wasi, we are one big family that is able to offer you a modest escape into the beautiful Andes Mountains. We are located in the picturesque valley of the South in the Oropesa district, only 27km or a S/3 bus ride from downtown Cusco, which leaves you with endless possibilities to explore!

Here at our orphanage, however, we own different facilities, ranging from a greenhouse where we produce our own vegetables and several different types of animals, to an overall sustainable way of life. Our kids are full of energy, love and motivation to learn, play and explore; so granted, there’ll never be a dull moment!


We specifically search for help and assistance with the following tasks

1) Support the educational growth of the kids.

Help us make a difference in the lives of our kids, by helping them with their homework and sharing whatever knowledge you can contribute, whether you have previous teaching/childcare experience or not. From languages, maths and science, to music, arts and sports; anything that supports their educational development, will certainly make an impact.

2) Help with the improvement of our online presence.

Make an impact by increasing our online reach. Whether you can contribute social media/copywriting knowledge, photo/videography skills, or web development/computer expertises; everything from helping us publicize our orphanage to teaching the kids, is appreciated!

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3) Assistance in the kitchen and farm life.

Each day we seek active help with tasks ranging from the preparation of different meals in our kitchen to harvesting crops and caring for livestock. Whether you have previous experience in this field or not, any assistance is welcome, including general maintenance and handiwork!

Outside of their tasks, volunteers are always welcome to further assist our team with whatever is needed, however, it is not expected.

Food and Accommodation

We love to welcome volunteers at Azul Wasi and do everything possible to make them feel at home. We have designated shared (and sometimes private) bedrooms for our staff, some of which also include an ensuite bathroom. Every day, our kitchen prepares three complimentary meals, all of which are shared by both, kids and staff!

Fees transparency ๐Ÿ”

It is furthermore appreciated (but not mandatory) for volunteers to contribute anything from $1-5USD per day. This is sufficient to cover a bed in one of the volunteer rooms, three complimentary meals, free wifi, water and electricity and two days off (of your choice), whilst helping finance the orphanage. This would be to be paid either in USD or PEN upon departure.


Spanish/English. You donโ€™t have to be fluent to visit or volunteer here (everyone is incredibly patient and there are usually plenty of bilingual volunteers to help), however, it is a great opportunity to improve your Spanish skills!


We will be happy to count on your presence in Azul Wasi, and know that it will be a unique, enriching and fun experience for everyone!
If you are interested in visiting or joining Azul Wasi for any time ranging from a day to several months, feel free to get in touch with me, send an e-mail (hogarazulwasi@gmail DOT com).

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