Help needed at an organic farm- experience the countryside in Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช

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organic farm Ireland volunteer exchange โ€“ Currently looking for helpers for 2019 with an interest in organic growing and marketing.ย A small holding with emphasis on veg and fruit, also poultry.ย Organic Status: Certified.

Currently seeking helpers so drop a line.


Before you read, keep in mind that I am not able to pay for your travel & Visa related costs.

When would you need volunteers?

All Year: Yes

How many volunteers?


Typical tasks are
  • weeding,
  • planting,
  • harvesting,
  • seeding,
  • tending to poultry,
  • gathering seaweed,
  • composting, etc…

Many other chores that are atypical of a normal domicile with an emphasis on eco-appreciation.


Helpers will need to be able to cook for themselves. I`ll cook at times but other times I`ll need to be at the market at mealtime.

I love to cook and cater but I also love to let my kitchen be yours and learn and taste new delights.

Accommodation exchange

I`m situated in the country, about 8 miles from Shannon airport, I live alone most of the week and I have my son on weekends. I have a warm comfortable room for helpers, a modern kitchen, WiFi, etc.. and I’m close to train stops and bus stops and I’ll offer transport that will help with any occasion.

Persons with experience in horticultural/agricultural activities are preferred but not essential. What is essential is a willingness to be open and offer help in whichever area you feel comfortable and that offers the best skills you have to offer.


A decent level of English is necessary as I don`t have another language. I wish I did but as yet haven`t fully immersed myself in another country long enough.


Any questions please ask (see contact details below).
Any thoughts then let them flow.

I had wwoofers help last year and I’m opening more doors this year into my way of living. You can also find me on Couchsurfing.

Things to do in your free time

I have a couple of bikes to use and I`m close to many beautiful sites, walks, hikes, lakes and of course “Durty Nellies”.ย You can Google that one.. ??


E-mail to:

Hostname:ย  Keith Walsh

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