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Work-trade opportunities at 333 Eco-village (from June 23rd – October 2021)

Eco-village volunteer opportunity โ€“We here at 3ndless 3arth 3covillage are excited to share our way of life with those that are committed to helping us build our first community housing structure on our beautiful property. We are welcoming skilled work traders to come to assist with this project as well as to help steward the organizationโ€™s growth towards infrastructural, social and economic development.

Update May 2022 Gardner wanted & welcomed

We are looking for hard-working, committed, and experienced gardeners to join our work-trade program this year from May through to November. We started all kinds of flowers, medicines, vegetables, herbs, and greens in our 2 greenhouses. Our 40โ€™ greenhouse (Pachamama) was direct seeded a few weeks ago. The 70โ€™ greenhouse (Grandfather Sky) is used to start all our seeds for transplanting during the first couple of months before going into the ground. For the last three years it has snowed in the first week of June so we are preparing for something similar.

  • We plan to grow sweet corn and popcorn, sorghum, potatoes, amaranth, and artichokes once the weather warms.
  • There are several fruit trees, berries, grapes, and medicinal trees on the land to be tended as well.

Volunteer exchange expectations

As a host, we have specific requests and expectations that need to be agreed upon when arriving. First and foremost, we encourage you to know what you are wanting to receive from this experience to make sure there is an equal exchange, whether it be from enjoying the beauty of Cedar Springs, Jesus Maria Creek, sleeping to the sounds of the animals in the still quiet nights, the big clear sky above our abundant garden, our lovely surrounding community, or the technical aspects of our build.

10 day trial period

There is a 10 day trail period to make sure we are all in alignment and we are a good fit for each other. You may be asked to leave at any given time in which you will have 24 hours notice to respectfully leave with our assistance if necessary. If you are requesting to leave for any reason, please let us know and we can arrange to assist your departure appropriately.
On our website, you can check out the detailed list of what you can expect from day to day projects, the work exchange, the living arrangements, community life, our values, and the expectations we as hosts have for you as we hold each other accountable for our actions.


We are very much off-grid on the land with minimal solar power, no wifi (the Library is closeby), and with only AT&T cellular service available. We have 3 Umuuchas (cedar bark tipis) 1 per work trader – as well as camping spots available along the creek and other parts of the property. There’s a communal outdoor kitchen available for use. Clean drinking water. Pots, pans, and dishes provided. Bins will be provided for personal food items.

The Work Exchange –ย We expect you to
  • be proficient in using a tape measurer, basic math, cutting wood, utilizing basic carpentry tools and skills
  • We will work 8 hours a day 5 days a week with an hour for communal family-style lunch and relaxation
  • We will meet in the community kitchen every day at 7 am to get the daily project briefing
  • The Community House project is the priority with other secondary projects such as:
    • fixing trailers,
    • gardening,
    • preserving harvested foods,
    • working at other peopleโ€™s lands on their projects,
    • keeping creek algae free,
    • beautification of land and general organization
  • The weekends are free time for your choosing (except for scheduled Workshops) in which you will be given 2 days during the week off
  • Workdays will begin early during hot months
  • 3 meals a day are provided with staple foods on the weekends
  • We encourage everyone to eat together but itโ€™s not required
  • We could also work with someone who has documentary/film skills. We’d like our story captured and shared during this building project! You need to have your own equipment (camera, mic, editing software) and be able to make short promo videos for us throughout the build as we do our workshops. The goal is to promote our cause to receive more financial support.

This is an opportunity for learning, sharing your gifts, helping our nonprofit organization, gaining experience and personal development skills, and enjoying yourself on this beautiful property and surrounding areas

[For more

details, please see contact details below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ”]


We are located in norcal in the Sierra Foothills – Mountain Ranch, CA.



How to apply? – On our official website

  • Please visit our website; fill out our application and see what we are working on and why we need your help. Feel free to call or message us for more details.

MEET THE CREW at 333:๐Ÿ‘‰

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