Volunteer at Friday Happiness Associação in Southern Portugal

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Updated May 2022 – Friday Happiness association is looking for volunteers and people with knowledge of permaculture in south Portugal, who want to live and work together with the local team. We are also looking for travellers, artists, hippies, freelancers, musicians and other people, young or old, to join our Friday happiness community for a while, to live and work with us together, for a unique experience here, in the mountains of the Algarve.

About the community

friday happiness, portugal, logo, ecovillage, intentional community, pizzaThe Friday happiness Associação is a cultural and arts community that is working towards being self-sustained. The community is situated in the mountains of Monchique, Portugal surrounded by nature. The community provides an alternative way of living with permaculture gardens, farm animals, sustainability projects, and arts and cultural workshops. It is a great place to come to meet other like-minded people passionate about sustainability and alternative living.

We hold community meetings throughout the week alongside activities and workshops, such as quiz nights, dance nights and yoga classes. If you have something you are passionate about and want to share with others, we would love for you to run a workshop. One of the best things about Tojeiro is the variety of jobs you can do as a volunteer, which gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and discover what you enjoy doing.

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Short and long term volunteer projects

We have a combination of short and long term volunteers and on average have between 40 and 50 volunteers and residents at a time. There are a wide range of age groups among our community including families, including children and teenagers and we would love if other families with children would join us.

The Friday pizza nights

We have been running a pizza night every Friday night since 2012, which has become a huge party that brings together locals and travellers from all over the world. People attend the party for the delicious pizza, live music and incredible vibe. Preparing for and holding this party is part of your role as a volunteer and gives you an opportunity to develop skills in bartending, pizza making, cocktail making and greeting guests at the door, among many other roles.

Working hours

Work is approximately 25 hours a week.

For most jobs, we start in the morning and you can have the rest of the day to yourself. In summer, we have earlier starts so that we are not working out in the heat in the afternoon. We start each day with a morning meeting, where we decide on weekly and daily jobs and responsibilities as well as share other relevant information about what is going on in the community. We work together in different teams which we chose on the morning meeting, so you can decide for example if you want to help in the gardening team, construction team, animal team, cleaning team or the kitchen team, for example. Some jobs are a weekly commitment, such as caring for animals and the kitchen team, while others are daily commitments, which allow you to do a variety of different jobs throughout the week if you wish to.

Every Friday is focused on preparing for the pizza party.


We have a variety of options, including caravans, vans, tents and tepees. Bring your own tent or you are also welcome to camp in your own van. If you intend to stay long term, you may have the option to move into a caravan or van if this comes available. We are currently working on building some sustainable huts.


intentional community, ecovillage, portugal, volunteer project, hospitality, pizza, friday happinessWe offer breakfast and two warm meals – lunch and dinner – a day.

There will sometimes be vegan options available, but we cannot guarantee this. While we are a vegetarian farm, we do offer meals with meat on occasion (usually once a week) as well for those who want this. Most of the vegetables we use in our meals are from our own garden or local farmers we know. Drinking water is for free of course and you can also collect mint and other herbs or fruits in our garden for making tea or lemonade. We have a bar and shop open every day where you can purchase soft drinks, ice tea, juice, beer and wine and snacks for low prices.


Friday Happiness Volunteer Project! For more detailed information see: https://pizzanightalgarve.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/tojeiro-handbook_online-version.pdf

To apply follow the instructions you can find here: https://www.fridayhappiness.org/volunteering/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fridayhappinessalgarve/

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  1. Hello… my name is suf and I’ve been traveling the world for a year and a bit. I read a little about you and it sounds like a very special place. I am currently volunteering at a retreat center in Italy and I am looking for a place for the next few months. My skills are gardening, carpentry, agriculture, cooking and more.. I’m always happy to learn new things and the happiest to dance with people (I also do ecstatic dance circles) … I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested.

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