Looking for a Yoga teacher for a work exchange in Omepete, Nicaragua island

Yoga, meditation, volunteering, work exchange, Nicaragua, Central America
Do you want to develop your skills as a Yoga Teacher?

Yoga teacher work exchange โ€“ย El Zopilote, Isla de Ometepe is looking for teachers in a work exchange deal (accommodation in dormitory + 3 delicious meals) to teach 1h30 class a day in our lush green yoga space plus 1h workshop a week.

We look for nature lovers and easy-going travellers that like to help others to enjoy the island as much as we do!

  • Short and long term.


permaculture, farm, hostel, volunteering, exchange, workaway, hospitality, volunteer community, intentional community, yoga, meditation, nicaragua

  • Free food and accommodation
  • 28hr per week
  • 2 months commitment
  • 2 days off
More information about the farm El Zopilote.
El Zopilote is an Organic/Permaculture Farm/Hostel situated on Ometepe island, Nicaragua, Central America. We started as a family business in 2002 when Bruno and his sons Cristiano and Daniele bought the first piece of land, which is now part of the Farm. The father and son had travelled extensively beforehand. During these travels, they had started dreaming of creating a space for travellers that would be functional, productive and respectful of the natural environment. Eventually, in 2001 the family reunited in South America and started searching for some land where they could put into practice their dreams.ย  In this beautiful and fertile land, the team spent the first five months building huts, installing an irrigation system and planting the first plants.ย 
Many volunteers have provided support to the project over the years and we are always welcoming travellers and volunteers who would like to participate.


Does this call you? Visit the website ometepezopilote.net or write to


Facebook page1: https://www.facebook.com/elzopilote

Facebook page 2: https://www.facebook.com/elzopilote2002


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