Is there a reference/review system on this website?

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Hi guys, I am new to your page []. I was previously logged on – I would like to know where can I read the reviews of the volunteers and references and feedback about the stay so I can relate to the hosts more and then decide.

Thank you!

“anonymous volunteer”

Dear volunteer,
Workaway is a great platform for finding volunteer opportunities abroad with lots of useful and interesting features. Currently, it is probably the best website in its genre.

Voluntouring is not remotely comparable, as it only offers a list of volunteer projects without any kind of sophisticated features; would-be volunteers can contact hosts without having to pay or sign up, this is the only service the website currently has to offer.

(To find volunteer opportunities based on locations you can go here: ๐ŸŒ)

How reliable are the reviews on workaway, helpx and other websites?

As for reviews/references on, there is an option to leave them in the “comments” section under each host profile, but few volunteers do so.

See image๐Ÿ‘‡

reviews on

Image/screenshot: a couple of reviews left under a volunteer project description.

As a volunteer, I tell you that, in my opinion, the best way to avoid unpleasantness when volunteering abroad is to have a phone call with the hosts (best done via video call) so that you can get a feeling about the people who will be hosting you and the projects you will be participating in.

I recommend that you do this for workaway hosts as well. Reviews are not always reliable or trustworthy. Volunteers often write positive reviews just to avoid retaliation and vice versa. Read this discussion on Reddit to have a better idea: Are positive references on hosts actually reliable?


For more information about how all of this works please visit the FAQ for volunteers page.

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