Help and Learn about earthbag construction (and more) in Romania ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ด

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Earthbag experience โ€“ If you intend on travelling in central Europe you could be of great help to me. It is an interesting place where I live since I am in Romania but surrounded by Hungarians. The place where I will build my house is close to a road, but it is also 5 km from one village, and 3 from another. Write to me if you find my project interesting (you can fill the form at the end of this announcement). I offerย  “free gym”, animals, a lot of silence, and nature and I propose an interesting cultural experience.


Ghindari , Romania

When do I need help

All Year: May – November

How many volunteers

Up toย  8

Volunteer opportunity description

Sometimes it’s hard to admit when, with all your good intentions and all the work you do, you will not succeed alone. And maybe you do not even have to make it alone, maybe together things will not go only faster but better. So, help!

What are my intentions?

I would like to…

  • build a house out of earthbags.
  • create a shelter for a horse and maybe other small animals.
  • clean the land and the river that passes through it.
  • bring water from the forest spring.
  • organize a nature summer camp for kids.
What do I need?

Volunteers eager to build, with or without experience in building with natural materials. Together we will learn how to build a house with minimal impact on the environment. I also need volunteers who are good with horses. If you are good with horses and you want to work with the one I welcome you with your arms open, Orban sure will be delighted.

Other wanted volunteer profiles:

  • Volunteers with an artistic spirit. If you have a musical instrument that always accompanies you,
  • Are you an artist? come and leave a mark on the house and nature,
  • if you are good at filming or photography, you are welcome.
  • Volunteers for whom nature is friendly. I want to clean the land but not to the detriment of biodiversity or eliminate niches.
  • If you are good at plants and animals or if you want to apply what you have learned, I expect you in the heart of nature.
  • Volunteers who deal with children. If you have training in educating children and want to discover or apply alternative methods, it is certainly a place for you here too.
  • Good-hearted volunteers in the kitchen. Although I know how to cook, I am aware that I will not be able to build, organize summer camps and cook for everyone. A helping hand in the kitchen is a delight.
What can I offer you? – Hospitality exchange
  • A clean and quiet place in nature where to put your tent. You will have access to a dry compost toilet, water and shower (how warm the water will depend on the sun).
  • An outlet to charge your phone, and internet access (depending on how the mobile network works).
  • A place to eat with everyone. Most often a lactovegetarian diet. But I’m open to new culinary experiences.
  • Everything I know about architecture and construction with natural materials. We can learn from each other and any idea will be encouraged and integrated accordingly.
  • All I know about being a volunteer,
  • about living beyond the limits and comfort of the city, and the diversity of Romanian culture through the experience of many locations in Romania where I lived.

Why get involved as a volunteer?

For the pleasure of…

  • giving your time.
  • building differently
  • living in nature.
  • learning and teaching others.
  • discovering new people.
  • having new cultural experiences.
  • enjoying new life experiences.
  • getting the ability to apply what you have learned.
  • having a chance to gain confidence in you.
  • taking pride in seeing something done by you.

There is not much I can offer you, but I promise it will be an unforgettable experience.


I speak Romanian, English, French and understand Italian and maybe with some help from you the German that I forgot.


For more details first please take a look at my blog at ย Hopefully, soon I will also create a youtube channel.

Since I received a lot of requests via FB, WhatsApp and email, and it has been hard to manage all contacts and requests, if you want to volunteer at my place I require you to fill out this form providing the following info:

Date of arrival/Lenght of stay
Tell me not only what you are good at but also, and most importantly, how do you want to get involved.
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I would like you to learn how to build an earthbag house especially if you have no experience but if you like to learn something else or if you want to teach something else, that it will be great too.

I hope that my project will inspire you and it will be a great experience for everyone.

hospitality exchange in Romania

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