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We are in a small town called Truth or Consequences. We are a creative arts community and we also focus on mental well-being and mind-body healing. The name โ€œGompaโ€ comes from the Himalayan word for fortress and also the word Gompa is used to denote a place where one can take time for contemplation and self-reflection. We do a lot of things here including off-grid solar and battery building, electric bike conversions, Asian medicine classes, and cooking and sustainable living.

The volunteer tasks

We are fixing the place up and we need help with painting and some repair and maintenance, but also simple cleaning and yard work. Our hope is to transform the landscape and have organic gardens as well. We recycle water and use it for the grounds. It’s our pleasure working with volunteers who share our vision of sustainability and healing and living fully. We are building a healing centre in the large house on the property where we can have visiting natural paths and doctors from around the world give lectures and have clinics. Currently, we teach classes on Asian Medicine and cooking classes. (Our staff includes a licensed acupuncturist and doctor trained in Tibetan and Chinese Medicine).

We also have shared unique classes on mind-body synchronization. Finally, as we love creative arts, we also built a small stage to have live music and theatre in our courtyard.

Do you offer food and accommodation?

Yes, we offer free food and accommodation

There are many open apartments with full accommodations (bed shower kitchen). We are fixing the place up and working with volunteers who like our vision of a community-oriented healing place. We often can provide a private apartment but sometimes only a dorm.

How many hours of volunteering help will you expect per week?

about 20-25 hours

Where we live

The town we are in is very much off the beaten path and very unique and special. People do things very differently here. It is a vibrant place for arts and creativity of all kinds, and do it yourselfers. It is also extremely beautiful and unique place in regard to its natural features and history.

Things to do in your free time
  • The area has thermal hot springs right under the town and many houses have private hot springs in them. The town used to be called Hot Springs NM and of course, there are established hot spring soaking spots for the public. there is even a sort of free hot spring in one of the town parks. The area historically was always a place of peace and restoration.
  • Different Native tribes peacefully shared this area (and still use it to this day). Geronimo is one famous historic patron of the healing waters here. The Geronimo museum is a few blocks from our community with many artefacts and historic information including one of the largest Native American pottery collections in North America.
  • The Rio Grande River flows through the town and a few miles up there is the historic Elephant Butte Dam built in 1911. The Elephant Butte Lake State Park up river from the dam has boating fishing and hiking and camping and miles of beaches for swimming and water sports making it the playground for New Mexico, yet because of the less dense population of the state and southern location, it is never too crowded and one can really enjoy having to find one’s own almost private beach in the park.
  • The town has many art studios and also spiritual centres including a very rare Stupa monument for peace and healing nearby.
  • There are art hop nights where all the art studios open up and some of them offer food and live music.

Additionally, There are unique shops and cafes in the town as well as a historic theatre that also has live music concerts and interesting films. There is always something interesting happening here.

About our volunteer exchange

Part of our mission is to provide psychologically nurturing resources for both visitors and the local community.

Our inspiration is partially based on

  • Meaningful life therapy https://www.thirtythousanddays.org/2019/07/living-fully-with-illness-mind-body-medicine-in-japan/ and
  • Constructive Living https://constructiveliving1.weebly.com/

are two offshoots of the psychological movement inspired by Shoma Morita.

We also have a healing clinic with visiting Asian doctors and acupuncture and other healing modalities happening here.



For a prompt response and to quickly receive contact details, please send a brief introduction to voluntouring.freelist@gmail.com with the subject line “Gompa Volunteer Exchange in the USA” if you are interested in this volunteer exchange opportunity.

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