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Norwegian Guide Service offers a unique opportunity to work as a tourist guide in Bergen and the surrounding region

Work as a Tour Guide in Norway โ€“ Norwegian Guide Service, the leading tour company in western Norway, is offering an exciting opportunity to work as a tour guide in Bergen and the surrounding area during the summer of 2023. From mid-April to early October, the company is looking for passionate individuals who are interested in discovering new places, exploring diverse cultures and have excellent communication and storytelling skills.

Based in Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway and located in the heart of the great fjord region, NGS offers numerous excursions by bus, boat, and on foot in the city and its surroundings. In recent years, the company has also specialized in offering private tours, creating personalized tours for private companies and individual visitors.

How to become a tour guide

To become a tour guide, applicants must complete a certification program provided by NGS for free. The program consists of an online phase (to be completed by the end of February) and a second mostly practical phase that will take place in Bergen between March and April. The certification program provides a professional level of training that not only allows participants to gain a deep understanding of Norwegian culture and its rich historical and natural heritage but also to exercise their foreign language skills and refine and deepen them.


The ideal candidate should have a passion for discovering new places, an interest in learning about different cultures, excellent communication and storytelling skills, the ability to work in an international and dynamic team, leadership skills, and flexibility. Previous experience as a tour guide or in the tourism sector, in general, is welcome but not necessary.

How many languages do you speak?

Also, applicants must have a minimum of two to three foreign language skills. English is required, with a minimum C1 level in combination with German, with a minimum B2 level. Alternatively, English with at least two foreign languages, including French, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian (if not a native speaker), with a minimum B2 level. Note that the second most requested language by tours is German.


After registering on the Norwegian Guide Service website,, candidates will be contacted for an initial introductory interview. Don’t miss this chance to become a part of the Norwegian Guide Service team and to share your love for Bergen and Norway with others!

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