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​​Volunteering is a unique opportunity to change people’s lives for the better, including your own. An opportunity to expand your horizons and visit new places. A chance to gain invaluable experience in various projects and meet interesting people. By participating in various projects, you can express yourself both on the creative and organisational sides. Volunteer projects are a huge field for creativity! Whatever you are fond of, in the volunteer movement, there will always be a niche for you in which you can realise your abilities.

The work of volunteers is paid not with money, but with emotions. The reward for people working on a voluntary basis is not material benefits, but the idea that the day is not spent in vain, that you bring benefit to people.

Most people need a massage.

Most people need a massage.  A professional massage in Dubai is a great opportunity to recover after a busy journey through such an interesting city. Even if you do not have health and muscle problems, a Moroccan bath with massage will perfectly relax you and give you fresh strength for new achievements. Luxury massage along with the spa centre is necessary for everyone in such a fast and tiring world.

If you are a licensed massage therapist or currently studying to become one, volunteering your massage therapy services is an excellent way to help others and improve your skills. There are numerous volunteering opportunities in the massage therapy field that you can explore to make a difference in people’s lives.

Masseur Volunteer

This is one from Orfia Retreat/Glamping in Kefalonia, Greece, which we recently posted.

There are several options for volunteering in the field of massage therapy.

Massage in a chair is something that will be very appropriate and useful at social events. Especially if these are some kind of charity fairs or festivals. Events of this kind usually last for quite a long time, which leads to overwork and fatigue in the muscles. By setting up a chair in a designated area and offering participants a 10-15 minute massage, you can contribute to the health of the participants, both physical and mental. After all, with the help of massage, not only does the pain decrease but also there is a mental reboot. In addition to the public good, as a professional massage therapist, you will be able to demonstrate your skills and make new acquaintances, and even clients.

Massage therapy for those in need

Another opportunity to volunteer is massages for those in need. Many people cannot afford massage therapy due to financial constraints or health conditions. As an expert in the field who wants to help people, you can offer your services to hospitals, nursing homes or hospices. In such places there are people who need help and attention and your efforts will greatly relieve the pain and symptoms of people with diseases. In addition, for you, it will be an extremely valuable experience in working with different people and different diseases.
Non-profit organisations that help certain categories of citizens may also be your target audience. These are institutions that work with the homeless, shelters for women affected by various life circumstances, as well as addiction rehabilitation centres. Such categories of people face constant stress and pain. To reduce their anxiety and make it easier to get through such a difficult stage in life, you can provide your massage services and even learn how to do a targeted massage. Plus, you’ll walk out of there each time feeling like you made a few lives a little better.

Masseur Volunteer

Volunteering at sporting events and clinics

Volunteering at sporting events is another great way to offer your massage services. Athletes often experience muscle pain or injury due to the strenuous physical activity they engage in. You can offer athletes pre- and post-game massages to help improve their performance and prevent injury. You can volunteer your services at local sporting events, schools or universities. This is a great way to connect with athletes and coaches who may need massage therapy in the future.

If you are an aspiring massage specialist, then it is a great idea to offer your services to clinics. You can gain experience by working alongside experienced massage therapists and learning the ins and outs of the industry. Ask about possible internships in massage parlours and clinics in your city. To help out in a charitable way, you can offer a free internship to serve people who can’t afford full-price massage therapy.

Volunteering as a massage therapist is a great way to get involved in people’s lives and improve your skills. As we discussed in the text above, if desired, the options for applying knowledge are great. You can choose to help people you like. Remember, the smallest help is better than a lot of inaction.

Written by Daniel Aldrin

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