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Art Residency in Serbia โ€“ Calling all artists to the heart of Serbia! The House of Urnebes is hosting an unprecedented Artists’ Project in Serbia that fuels creativity like no other. From mural painters to graffiti artists, everyone is welcome to showcase their skills on the white, untouched walls of this historic hostel.

Located in scenic Smederevo, Serbia, the House of Urnebes is not just a hostel. It’s a vibrant hub of artistic expression with a coffee shop on the first floor and an art studio in the attic. This summer, artists from around the globe are invited to the Artists’ Project to turn the blank walls into magnificent masterpieces.

An artist’s dream comes true, this project offers participants a wall of their choosing to cover with their art, bringing the interior alive with colours, ideas, and inspirations. And the best part? All artists will be provided with accommodations, food, and art supplies throughout their stay, leaving them to focus solely on their art.


The Artists’ Project in Serbia takes place between July 20th to August 25th 2023, offering flexibility to artists. You can come and go as you please, staying as long as needed to complete your artwork. You can even extend your stay to relax and soak in the creative ambience!


Upon arrival, each artist selects a wall that sparks their creativity, then sets about transforming it with their unique artistic flair. The entire hostel becomes an evolving art gallery, with fresh artistry unfolding each day.

Food and accommodation

House of Urnebes has pledged to provide food, accommodations, and art supplies, making the artist’s creative journey as hassle-free as possible. While the artists must cover their own travel expenses, the offer of free room, board, and materials provides significant relief for their budget.

Art Residency in Serbia


So, are you ready to be part of this extraordinary art revolution? Sign up using the Interest Form here and seize this unique opportunity. Join this Art Residency in Serbia and let the world witness the power of your creativity at House of Urnebes! Project OutsideIn seems to be more than just a creative endeavour; it’s an immersive cultural experience. It allows artists to create, connect, and contribute to a richly diverse art community, turning the House of Urnebes into a living art exhibition. This is a golden opportunity for artists to push their creative boundaries and inspire and be inspired by others.

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