Rural Hotel in Sierra Espuña seeks volunteers for restoration

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Sierra Espuña, Spain – Nestled within the heart of the serene mountains of Sierra Espuña, a quaint, pet-friendly rural hotel is beckoning for hands-on support to rejuvenate its once vibrant charisma. The establishment, surrounded by picturesque views and a tranquil environment, is on the lookout for two enthusiastic individuals who share its vision of creating peaceful healing spaces for guests.

A call for volunteers in Spain

The charming hotel, encapsulated by the lush and rugged mountains, seeks to provide a sanctuary for those wishing to escape the clamour of city life. The proprietor’s call for volunteers reflects a drive to restore not just the hotel’s infrastructure but also to cultivate an environment conducive to relaxation, healing, and joy.

A fun and dynamic team currently manages the place: they emphasize the balance between hard work and moments of levity. The camaraderie among the team is palpable, and they’re keen on inviting volunteers who will not only assist in physical restoration but also partake in the vision of manifesting something truly beautiful and unique in Sierra Espuña.

Food and accommodation

Volunteers who decide to join this endeavour will benefit from provided food and accommodation. There exists an opportunity for these volunteers to earn additional remuneration, making this venture not just soul-satisfying but also financially rewarding.


However, prospective volunteers are required to meet certain prerequisites before embarking on this adventure.

  • One of the primary requirements is the ability to drive, ensuring easy navigation in the rugged terrains of Sierra Espuña.
  • Additionally, aspirants MUST possess the legal right to work in Spain. The hotel will not engage in facilitating visas, plane tickets, or any other legal documents for the volunteers.
  • A proficiency in both English and Spanish will be viewed favourably, enhancing the communication bridge between the team and the diverse clientele the hotel attracts.
  • Flexibility in roles and time is also paramount, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.


This project is not just a restoration of a building but a revival of a dream – to offer a place of respite and healing amidst nature. For those who find themselves drawn to this vision and meet the stipulated criteria, they are urged to reach out via the hotel’s official website and social media channels. The mountains of Sierra Espuña stand timeless, but the opportunity to be a part of this restoration project is fleeting! Interested parties are advised to make contact promptly to ensure they don’t miss out on this enriching experience!

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