Support victory to mankind organization in their mission to transform Rural Ghana

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Help raise funds to empower the underprivileged and make a difference in the lives of rural communities in Ghana

Victory to Mankind, logoVictory to Mankind Organization, based in Ghana, has been relentlessly working since 2007 with a noble mission to improve the lives of rural people and advocate for the rights of the vulnerable in society. The organization aims to lift communities from the depths of poverty and provide them with access to fundamental needs like education, health, sanitation, and clean water, promoting human rights, gender equality, agricultural advancements, and skill training. It also has a critical focus on women’s rights education and protection.

The organization is currently in pursuit of raising funds, with no specific deadline; the goal is to foster development and bring substantial change to the doorsteps of the rural poor people in Africa, especially Ghana. Unfortunately, there has been no established fundraising platform or method for them yet, emphasizing the urgent need for online fundraisers to support their mission.

How can you help?

Victory to Mankind Organization welcomes individuals with knowledge or experience in fundraising to volunteer and assist in their fundraising efforts. There is flexibility regarding the number of hours volunteers can dedicate per week, and this allows collaborations for enhanced impact. Volunteers can expect to receive certificates, recommendations, and recognition for their valuable contribution to the organization’s cause. The organization assures transparency in its financial matters, with internal and external auditors maintaining regular audits of their accounts.

The main point of contact for volunteers would be the Director of the Organization. Potential donors and volunteers can learn more about the organization’s vision, missions, and achievements on their official website (see link below) and can witness the transformational stories and testimonials from the beneficiary communities, widows, chiefs, and elders, ascertained in their annual reports.

Online fundraisers’ role

Online fundraising volunteers will not work in isolation but will be encouraged to collaborate, possibly forming a robust team aiming to achieve the fundraising goals. The organization has abundant resources, like promotional materials, pictures, VCD videos, and publication links that volunteers can utilize to garner support. The organization primarily uses bank accounts for money transfers, but they are open to exploring different online platforms or payment gateways for collecting donations.

Victory to Mankind

Why volunteer online with Victory to Mankind Organization?

Volunteering for this cause is not just about raising funds; it’s about being a catalyst for change and making a real difference in the lives of the people in rural Ghana. By assisting in transforming these communities, you are not only promoting education and well-being but are also contributing to the alleviation of rural poverty in Ghana.ย Victory to Mankind Organization offers a chance to partake in a meaningful journey to transform lives and uplift communities that have been shadowed by poverty and lack of resources for years.

They need the support of empathetic and motivated individuals to make their mission a resounding success.

Victory to Mankind

This is a call to action for all benevolent individuals to support the Victory to Mankind Organization in their honourable mission to promote well-being and education in the rural areas of Ghana. Every contribution, whether it’s time or resources, can help in bringing developmental change and hope to these communities.

For more information or to get involved, visit Victory to Mankind Organization (Website:

Director of the Organization e-mail:

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