10 volunteer and internship programs for doctors, nurses, and veterinarians ⚕️🩺

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“Volunteer abroad in the medical field to acquire direct, hands-on experience

Medical volunteer programs header photo: GhanaXchange – Volunteering abroad in the medical field is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to acquire direct, hands-on experience. This is particularly vital for students in medicine, nursing, or veterinary fields, who utilize these opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge practically. Beyond the transition from theory to practice, volunteering or interning abroad enriches your life, and offers you a chance to make meaningful contributions to communities that often lack sufficient economic, medical, and social resources.

A selection of recommended medical volunteer programs abroad

Below, we present a selection of volunteer programs specifically designed for healthcare professionals, including doctors and medical students across various specialities such as dentistry, psychology, nursing, and general medicine. To discover more details on how to participate, click on the relevant projects, read their descriptions, and use the contact information at the end of each announcement to get in touch with the respective program coordinators.

1. El Terreno, Ecuador

Located in Ecuador, this program offers a combination of architecture, anthropology, and medical internships. Volunteers gain hands-on experience in a setting that values cross-disciplinary exposure.


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Internships abroad – photo credit: El Terreno

2. Sustain Micro Enterprise, Uganda

This initiative involves healthcare along with microfinancing. Medical volunteers can provide basic health services and help empower local women. www.voluntouring.org/2023/08/14/sustain-micro-enterprise-uganda-volunteer

volunteering in Uganda

Medical volunteer programs – photo credit: SME

3. SSamba Foundation, Uganda

Offering a free volunteer program, this foundation allows healthcare workers to participate in health projects and community education. www.voluntouring.org/2022/11/22/free-volunteer-program-uganda-ssamba-foundation

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Medical volunteer programs: photo Ssamba foundation

4. Saint Ann Foundation, Uganda

Focused on healthcare and education, volunteers aid in clinics and outreach programs, improving overall community health.

Volunteer at Saint Ann Foundation NGO in Uganda.

5. SMILE NGO, India

Volunteers in this program engage in direct patient care, health camps, and awareness programs within a culturally rich environment.

Volunteering opportunities & youth exchanges in India 🇮🇳

6. Mafoba, Burundi

In this program, volunteers work to enhance local health systems through clinical care and education.

Volunteer at MAFOBA for women rights in Burundi, Africa 🇧🇮

7. Walk of Love, Tanzania

Medical professionals can work in local hospitals and clinics, providing care and engaging in knowledge exchange

Help us keep children out of orphanages in Arusha, Tanzania!

8. Step Up Tanzania, Arusha

This program offers community health development, medical outreach, and primary care.

Volunteer at the Nonprofit Organization near Arusha, in Tanzania 🇹🇿

9. NGO Exchange Program with Ghana XChange

Healthcare workers experience different health settings and cultural exchanges in this diverse program.


medical and health volunteer abroad program, medical, health, psicology abroad, medical & health volunteer program in Ghana

Medical volunteer programs: photo GhanaXchange

10. CLED Ghana

Focusing on community health, this initiative provides direct care, particularly benefiting vulnerable groups.

Learning Opportunities for Volunteers at CLED Ghana, NGO


For Veterinarians

1. Appaloosa Stud, Namibia

Veterinarians interested in equine care and rehabilitation will find this program rewarding.

Natural Horsemanship, Art & Healing at Appaloosa Stud 🇿🇦


2. Tarqui Zoo Refugio Shelter, Ecuador

This program involves caring for a variety of animals and participating in conservation efforts.

Volunteer opportunity at a zoo in Ecuador’s Amazon region 🇪🇨

As we discover more opportunities, we will continue to update our list to provide you with the most comprehensive and impactful volunteering options available. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student, these programs represent unique opportunities to grow and make a difference in global health landscapes. Volunteer as a doctor abroad: read about the benefits here.

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