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If you find this site useful we’d very much appreciate a small donation to help cover the cost of running the site.ย You can donate to support our project or you can support the NonProfits Organizations featured in our database.

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Go to Projects abroad page to explore the current volunteering opportunities around the world or visit the Online Volunteering page to help organizations online.

Also, you can read the “HOW IT WORKS” page.

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This site is a not-for-profit service and like many similar websites runs with the idea to make the world a more connected place. If you appreciate the service then we’d really appreciate if you could make a small donation to help pay for the website and hopefully to make other improvements. Currently, we can’t offer much more than to keep the site running.

Quite a few followers have been asking what they can do to help out the site. Therefore, we’ve drawn up a bit of a wish list on little things that you can do to help the site grow. We would, of course, greatly appreciate any assistance we can get.

  1. WRITE REFERENCES! If you personally know any organizations or hosts listed, whether you met them through the site, or you are workmates or old friends, then do them a favour and go write a reference for them right now. Click on the ‘announcement’ and go to the comment section to describe your experience.
  2. HELP US FIND VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES – help us find new interesting volunteering opportunities to feature on our website.
  3. WRITE ARTICLES – to inspire people to become voluntourists!
  4. SPREAD THE WORD – Tell everyone you can about this website. The bigger this network becomes, the better service will be provided for all.
  5. TRANSLATIONS – Eventually, to make accessible to as many people as possible, we would like to translate as many pages into as many different languages as possible.
  6. PAMPHLETS – We are considering printing pamphlets (and creating printable online versions) with a view to using them to advertise by putting them up around the world – in shopping centres, bars, universities…wherever. We would like to know if any volunteers would be willing to distribute these locally, or on their travels.ย  Hit the contact us button on the menu to the left and let us know.
  7. TESTIMONIALS: We are developing a testimonials section for the site. If you’ve had good experiences with this website and its members, we’d appreciate it if you could write a paragraph about it, to help sway those people that are considering signing up to the site.

Many thanks, and happy travels!